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Thoughts on Garrett Coin Hunter TR discriminator
Posted by: mortarman
Date: September 15, 2018 05:12PM
So I'm interested in one and don't have much knowledge on it. The thing is darn near mint in a case. I know it's a BFO unit but didn't think they had any kind of discrimination. Can anyone enlighten me to any virtues this machine has, if any? Is it worth $100? Thanks!

Re: Thoughts on Garrett Coin Hunter TR discriminator
Posted by: Tom_in_CA
Date: September 15, 2018 11:38PM
.... I know it's a BFO unit.... Is it worth $100? ....

I seem to recall the discrimination ability era began with TR disc. Which was in 1974-ish (and slow to catch on). But you're right: There was few attempts to make BFO units (even though they were being phased out by the mid 1970s) that were discriminating. Eg.: you could pass tabs, foil, etc.....

Imagine how earth-shattering that was, at the time, when it was just thought that you could now pass foil . Wohhoo. But word quickly spread that .......... presto, you would miss nickels, gold rings, etc.... :(

There were very few of these BFO discriminators made. Since mostly, by that time, TR had begun to dominate the market. This is where Monte could chime in much more efficiently !!

The only thing I recall, is that 1) those old BFO's had an innate ability to discern iron vs conductive. (you could tell by sound). But in-so-far as low conductors vs high conductors: That GREATLY decreased their depth ability. I bet, that if you tried to rely on the disc. function, your depth was now 2" or 3" tops. Contrast to TR disc. where you could get a bit more depth while discriminating.

As for whether it's worth $100, here's where you're at a cross-roads: Do you mean for current usage ? If so, then no, you can replicate any discrimination or see-through with a lot of machines currently available. But if you mean for vintage, then it's equally as questionable Because the early 1970s is hardly old enough to qualify as "vintage". And there's simply not that many collectors of vintage machines (unfortunately). While that may be a "rare beast", yet those that do collect vintage detectors, generally have no trouble finding various oddities that show up at flea markets, garage sales, @#$%& , etc.... Go figure: The early to mid 1970s, there will be no shortage of Garrett machines available . Now if you had something from the 1950,s, capable of coin-sized targets, or disc., then THAT would be a rarity. But even then, as I say , there's unfortunately not that many collectors driving up the vintage market :(

Re: Thoughts on Garrett Coin Hunter TR discriminator
Posted by: mortarman
Date: September 16, 2018 06:03AM
Thank you Tom, very informative post. I appreciate it! I think I'll pass on this one.

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