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Vintage Whites
Posted by: Tom_in_CA
Date: July 21, 2019 03:28PM
Does anyone remember this Whites machine ? The "Conquistador" :

It appears to be nothing more than a repackaged re-labeled 66TR. And give the signature : "John and Gene Ballinger" I'm going to guess this is 1972-ish era.

Heck, hard to argue with a metal detector that comes with a snake-bite kit and a belt-buckle, doh ! :rolleyes:

Re: Vintage Whites
Posted by: Sven
Date: August 05, 2019 07:19PM
And a can of soda pop, or is it beer? And whats that long tool? Rifle barrel cleaning rod. Heck who knows what is hidden under the foam....

DeepTech Vista X, and maybe a few others
Self built Mirage Pi --- works great in trashy areas!!

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