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Compass depth doubler
Posted by: coinnut
Date: December 01, 2007 06:18PM
Hi, Anyone ever use a compass depth doubler. I bought one and wondered if anyone has ever tested it to see if it gets more depth for our regular detectors? Would love to find out who engineered those units. Thanks!! George

Re: Compass depth doubler
Posted by: Joe(TX)
Date: December 05, 2007 05:27PM
The Compass Depth Doubler basicly puts an electrical charge into a specific chosen area. This is similiar to hunting an area after a lightning storm- the ground is a lot more sensitive to the signals from a metal detector! I know a guy who was using this idea long before Compass came up to it. Very good to use it in a productive but hunted out area! The target signals will jump out at you.............................HH................Joe

Re: Compass depth doubler
Posted by: coinnut
Date: December 06, 2007 01:02PM
Hey Joe, Thanks for the info on the depth doubler. Glad to hear it actually found things in hunted out ground. Did that guy ever tell you about how deep he was recovering targets or if the ground was dry or wet? Looking forward to using it in the spring. Here in New England we need all the help we can get. New sites are far and few between. I have hunted 4 virgin sites to death and will try those first. Then I'll try a couple of sites that have been pounded to death by every detectorist and probably every machine around. If I find something there, we may have something in this depth doubler. Good luck hunting!! George

Re: Compass depth doubler
Posted by: UK Brian
Date: December 21, 2007 02:42AM
Ground should be damp for the best results and there's one big drawback, the depth iron is detected at is incresed, as is its target masking effect.

Re: Compass depth doubler
Posted by: coinnut
Date: December 28, 2007 05:04PM
Hi UK Brian, I will try it in the spring and hope it will get me deeper coins that are a bit away from the mass of iron, usually associated with the foundations around here. It seems to me, there needs to be a new, easy to use technology, not based on the principles that our machines work on now, in order to get rid of that iron masking effect. I'll let everyone know in the spring on how it works.:smile:

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