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bounty hunter VLF/tr 840
Posted by: r.r.warren
Date: December 03, 2007 12:32PM
hello, just purchased a bh 840 auto metal detector does anybody know anything about this unit and where i can get a manual. thanks

Re: bounty hunter VLF/tr 840
Posted by: castnbash
Date: December 06, 2007 11:28AM
check their website ( not sure ) most companies have manuals for most models viewable on there

Re: bounty hunter VLF/tr 840
Posted by: r.r.warren
Date: December 07, 2007 07:55PM
thanks i'll give it a try

Re: bounty hunter VLF/tr 840
Posted by: rmptr
Date: December 12, 2007 08:38PM
Here' pics of my old Red Baron...

I'd like to have a manual, or even a copy of someone's, if possible.
Did not see anything posted on the BH site, but did not ASK yet...

I've used it with 9v batts, but know I should not... what SHOULD it have?

REALLY need to get a new bicycle grip for it. Sure looks dumb with the tape on it.


Re: bounty hunter VLF/tr 840
Posted by: Skywave
Date: December 23, 2007 10:01AM
I used to have a BH 840 and still have the manual and have it scanned as a PDF file if you still need it.

Re: bounty hunter VLF/tr 840
Posted by: r.r.warren
Date: December 24, 2007 11:05PM
that would be great. would u e-mail it to me thanks

Re: bounty hunter VLF/tr 840
Posted by: huggie
Date: December 27, 2007 04:57AM
I would be ever grateful,if you could send me a copy of the manual for the 840 I have one in mint condition I purchased new many years ago
and I have forgotten how to tune it.
Regards George.:ausflag::thumbup:

Re: bounty hunter VLF/tr 840
Posted by: NZdetector
Date: December 27, 2007 03:23PM
Hi folks,

I too have recently purchased an old Bounty Hunter 840 Auto ($10 NZ!) detector minus a manual. I came across this thread while searching for information about it and being fairly new to the game was wondering if someone could email me a copy of the manual?


Re: Bounty Hunter Manuals
Posted by: RAYAR
Date: January 02, 2008 01:33PM
For manuals for your metal detectors, e-mail . Veronica will send you a copied manual for the metal detector you need one for plus a brochure of the current line-up of the Bounty Hunter metal detectors. If I recall, it only took about a week to receive it. (btw, it was for the VLF/TR 840 Automatic) Mine has a 6" coil and the 3-9V battery set-up.

Re: bounty hunter VLF/tr 840
Posted by: r.r.warren
Date: January 04, 2008 12:13AM
nz send pm with e-mail i'll send u a copy. i contacted b.h. for copy of manual 3 weeks ago and i still haven't gotten it. got a copy from skywave and thanks again

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Re: bounty hunter VLF/tr 840N/T
Posted by: BH-LandStar
Date: January 16, 2008 10:08PM

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Re: bounty hunter VLF/tr 840
Posted by: fayfam
Date: January 23, 2009 05:41AM
hi skywave any chance of getting a copy of your 840 manual emailed as well?,

Re: bounty hunter VLF/tr 840
Posted by: Ed in SoDak
Date: February 23, 2009 11:36PM
Here's a text-only version.


VLF TR Discriminator


Precision Engineered

INTRODUCTION to the 800, 840 Discriminators

The 800 (840) is a Very Low Frequency discriminating metal detector. utilizing the inductively balanced Transmit/Receive (TR) technique to provide excellent stability and sensitivity in an all-purpose instrument. In the Normal mode, not only are all metals detected, but ground mineralization can be rejected to allow operation in all types of soil conditions.

In the "Discriminating" mode the 800 (840) is an ideal detector for the serious coinshooter, allowing the operator to control the amount of rejection of unwanted "junk" targets. Rather than a good/bad indication, the 800 (840) unwanted targets, yielding no audio tone as the coil parses.

NOTE: Do NOT use pliers or wrench to tighten knurled collar.

CAUTlON: Avoid losing the compression ring during unpacking or assembly.

NOTE: Approximately 90% of the problems from metal detectors are caused by weak, dead, or improperly connected batteries. If the unit does not come on, or comes on but has weak volume, will not tune properly, has erratic operation, or drifts - CHECK THE BATTERIES! When replacing the batteries, make sure fresh batteries are purchased. Many units are received at the factory for repair because bad batteries were replaced by "new" batteries with expired shelf life.


The 800 (840) is equipped with 9-volt transistor radio batteries (Eveready R216 or equivalent).

Access to the batteries is gained by pulling out on the nylon snaplok fastener on the battery cover on the rear of the unit and removing the cover.

A battery lead connector snaps to the respective battery terminals. The ~'8" battery powers part of the circuitry and the "A" battery powers the remaining circuitry, plus the audio output.

Batteries should last from 15-30 hours of use, depending on the make and freshness of the batteries and the length of hunt periods. Using headphones will extend the battery life of the "A" battery

When replacing the battery cover, insert the cover tabs in the slots, close the cover inserting the snaplok fastener through the round hole and press the fastener until it snaps into the locked position.

Caution: When the detector is to be stored for a month or more, it is a good practice to remove the batteries from the unit as weak batteries can vent and leak. This leakage is corrosive and can do serious damage to the unit.

Mineralized Soil: If the ground becomes highly mineralized, it is recommended that the searching be done in NORMAL until a target is detected; then, if desired, the unit can be switched to Discriminate to verify before digging. At a sacrifice in sensitivity, it is possible to search in the Discriminate mode in some mineralized areas by detuning the detector slightly. By operating just below the threshold, the false target indications due to mineralization can be eliminated.

NOTE: The electronic circuitry of this detector was designed to provide excellent stability but, as with any detector, it is a good idea to check the control settings occasionally to maintain the best sensitivity and discrimination level.

Re: bounty hunter VLF/tr 840
Posted by: KC3FO
Date: July 20, 2010 04:34PM
any chance of gett a copy or email of that BH VLF/tr 840 pdf file would there, if u still have it. email is

Re: bounty hunter VLF/tr 840
Posted by: banuchie
Date: August 18, 2010 06:44PM
Is there still a PDF version of the operators manual available? If so, could I get a copy for my boy, so he can get out and about and away from the tube..


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