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Lower Frequency
Posted by: GA1dad
Date: October 24, 2016 12:22PM
I have a small old home site that I've beaten to death with my T2 SE and a Whites MXT. I have found two 19-teens coins and a few 2 piece buttons there. It still gives up a few targets here and there, a harmonica reed and a couple of shotgun hulls just yesterday for example,,,, but they are really getting very few and far between. The biggest issue with the site is that the home (which is no longer there) had a tin roof that has disintegrated into bits and is all over the site,,, along with bits from a busted up cook stove. It is definitely a small coil site, and the 5 inch DD has served me well there.

I've been pondering running the lower frequency Delta 4000 with the 8" concentric coil over it and see if the different frequency will turn up any coinage.

Reckon it's worth the effort.

Re: Lower Frequency
Posted by: Mega
Date: October 24, 2016 02:06PM
My personal opinion would be be carry on using the 5'' DD coil rather than increasing the size of a coil,albeit the 8'' one is a concentric,the ability of the much smaller coil to separate better would be the best way forward on such a demanding sites,you could try cranking the discrimination up a little and reduce your sweep speed.

Of course you could try the 8'' coil option,anything is worth trying if you suspect some decent finds are in that location,alas no text book method that i am aware its all trial and error and trying various techniques,its all part of the learning skill in detecting.

Deus and Nexus MP main everyday detectors

Displays on a Detector are really the equivalent of relying on sub-titles,give me a Analogue machine anyday.

Some of my site specific use machines.
TDI Pro 20'' Mono
Nexus SE dual 9'' coil
Nexus MP 14x13
Fisher TW-5 twin box
Crossbow PI 14x9 Mono
Mirage PI 5'' Mono
DFX 18'' Detech
T2 SEF15x12
IDX Pro 15'' Concentric
B1 and B3
Trident11 Extreme NEL Snake

Re: Lower Frequency
Posted by: jim tn
Date: October 25, 2016 12:50AM
I certainly would try another detector/coil setup there. But, like Mega, the 5" laser is the kicker I believe. And then, of course, for a gold coin it might be necessary to remove all the tin and stove parts. HH jim tn

Re: Lower Frequency
Posted by: GA1dad
Date: October 27, 2016 07:12AM
So yesterday after work I had a couple of hours and went to the old home site mentioned above. The weather was perfect and the fall colors made a great setting for it. The site is on the very west end of a 90 acre county park that is mostly wooded with many walking trails. I try to wear a blaze orange hat after hunting season starts, just in case someone ignores the park regulations. However, yesterday I forgot my hat. So I decided to leave the headphone in the truck and just make all the racket I could. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I hunted in disc at 11 sens,,,10 volume and nothing notched out. The machine gun iron was very entertaining and medicinal in a way. And the Delta's light weight along with not having headphones on really made for a relaxing afternoon. It reminded me that I should hold on to this little machine for my kid, wife and anyone else who might like to have a try at detecting.

As for finds,, nothing really. A few more shotgun hulls and bits of brass. But like one of my Harley t-shirts says,,, "sometimes the journey is the destination".

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