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New T3 coming out?
Posted by: hikerboy
Date: November 10, 2016 06:08PM
Hey folks, new guy here who's been lurking for a while. I heard that there is a newer version of the T2 coming out that will address having to redo your settings after turning the detector off. I'm looking to buy my first Teknetics machine and wonder if I should wait until it comes out and hopefully get a price drop on the T2. Anybody in the know on this? Currently using a Tejon and want to get something more up to date. I've heard nothing but good things about the T2 so I'm wanting to give it a try. Thanks for any info.

Re: New T3 coming out?
Posted by: Mega
Date: November 10, 2016 07:24PM
My original green T2 is years old and still perform well,have never seen any advantage of getting any of the updates or super duper T2 models,its found me my best 'Celtic gold staters' over the years and has good depth in my mind,1000s of hours on the clock and still learning new things about it.

Regarding the ability to save settings is not a issue either,can setup from switch on in seconds,the GB does take a few seconds longer though lol i cannot recall a detector that is easier to change settings,simplicity is the name of the game here with good general all round performance.It dont get much better than than,i certainly wont change if and when T3 comes out.

Deus and Nexus MP main everyday detectors

Displays on a Detector are really the equivalent of relying on sub-titles,give me a Analogue machine anyday.

Some of my site specific use machines.
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Nexus MP 14x13
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Mirage PI 5'' Mono
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T2 SEF15x12
IDX Pro 15'' Concentric
B1 and B3
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Re: New T3 coming out?
Posted by: GA1dad
Date: November 11, 2016 01:40PM
I agree with Mega,, making adjustments on the T2 is so simple and quick it really wouldn't warrant rushing into a replacement. But if it will be waterproof/resistant and has a notch feature,, that would get my attention. A backlight would be pretty awesome too.

Re: New T3 coming out?
Posted by: bigtim1973
Date: November 11, 2016 09:40PM
I have an f75 se. It is nice that is saved the settings. Backlight is nice too. However, the notch feature is not as easy to use or adjust in my opinion. It is not as easy because the number values are split in half Instead of notching out the whole segment. I do not like the notch feature on the f75 and just use the VDI number instead. Now if they take and make the notch system thats like the teknetics omega, that would be awesome on a t2. The T2 is still a great unit hands down. I wish I still had my original green t2 but I let it go because I thought I would be able to get another one real easy. They are very hard to find.

Happy Hunting

Fisher F 75 SE Tesoro Compadre Teknetics Omega 8000

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Re: New T3 coming out?
Posted by: lytle78
Date: December 09, 2016 10:39AM
I suspect that Fisher and Teknetics plans are more ambitious than just incremental updates of existing products.

The big news in detectors in the 2000's was the near replacement of analog devices with hybrid or all digital devices.

The software in them - like the T-2 code which the Chinese have ripped off, is primitive by modern standards.

Future detectors will use modern micriprocessors programmed using 21st century software tools - they will likely be capable of things which today's detector simply can't do.

These are my thoughts only, but they jave said enough publicly for me to believe that this is the direction things are going.

Rick Kempf

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