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Fe3O4 on T2
Posted by: Charlives
Date: February 26, 2017 05:00PM
Hello, When I hunt in the woods my Fe3O4 meter hardly shows one bar and things sound great and the VDI works fine down to 5-6in...but when I hit corn fields the Fe3O4 meter will jump around. The machine doesn't VDI correctly in these fields either. I assume the fields have lots of fertilizer on them which causes this. My question is- what can be done about it? I turn the sens down and go super there anything else? Why does the T2 have the Fe3O4 meter anyway? I can already hear when the machine is having problems in tough soil. Thanks!

Re: Fe3O4 on T2
Posted by: Mega
Date: February 26, 2017 07:57PM
Did you do another 'Ground Grab' in the corn field once you noticed it was performing erratically ?? i was out today on Saxon/Iorn age site and most of the ground is limestone which did cause some problems and was getting a similar FE reading but i had too GG every so often but the machine did run smoothly after,if it wont GG you could always do a Manual GB.

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Displays on a Detector are really the equivalent of relying on sub-titles,give me a Analogue machine anyday.

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Re: Fe3O4 on T2
Posted by: Charlives
Date: February 27, 2017 10:44AM
Yep, I ground balanced every 10 min or so. It went anywhere from 61 to 81.

Re: Fe3O4 on T2
Posted by: TheHunterGT
Date: February 27, 2017 06:08PM
The T2 can often times show a single bar on the mineral graph. Do not trust the side to side swing to show you the proper mineralization - pump the coil without pressing the trigger to get a proper reading.

So just like you are ground balancing...but without pressing the trigger forward.

Here in Colorado I can swing and get one bar...then pump and get 4 bars at the .3 level...which is sadly the proper reading in my terrible Colorado soil.

Re: Fe3O4 on T2
Posted by: Charlives
Date: February 27, 2017 06:21PM
Thanks, Mega and HunterGT! What can be done once you ascertain the soil isn't friendly? Just have to live with the loss of depth etc??

Re: Fe3O4 on T2
Posted by: TheHunterGT
Date: February 27, 2017 06:45PM
Basically just have to deal with it. Ground balance it the best you can and hunt it. I would only worry about GBing again if I saw visual changes. Grass to dirt...sand to hard pack...hard pack to clay...etc.

My backyard alone can change from 85 to 65...and it's not a huge backyard. For something like that I'd just GB to about 82 and go to town.

My take is have fun when I hunt....GBing 20 times is not fun for me. I can sleep fine thinking I may have missed one or two targets due to bad soil. To each their own obviously.

Little bit about my terrible soil.....XP Deus and T2 cannot hit a 5 inch dime in my backyard. F19 can hit it easily.

Take it to a local park with nice grass and soil underneath...T2 and XP will go much deeper than a F19.

Soil sucks sometimes.

Re: Fe3O4 on T2
Posted by: Charlives
Date: March 02, 2017 07:20PM
Do you folks think we'd do better at these high mineral sites with multi-frequency machines?
HunterGT, why do you think the F19 performs better than the T2 in tough soil? Maybe the F19's 19kHz works better than the T2's 13kHz in mineralized soil??

Re: Fe3O4 on T2
Posted by: TheHunterGT
Date: March 03, 2017 10:28AM
In my personal Colorado nasty soil...I feel the F19 is one of the best at handling it.

F19 can ID coins in my backyard testbed that the T2...XP Deus...AT Pro...F70...will not even beep on. My USGS survey is among the most terrible I have ever laid eyes on. I have fossils everywhere around my house...clams and fish fossils. Prehistoric salt lake...I live on the shoreline by some huge dinosaur tracks. It's some nasty soil here full of iron, salt, and magnesium.

F19 so far beats everything I have tried in depth.

I will reiterate...that when I go to softer soils or manicured parks and schools...the F19 then is outperformed in depth by the T2.

Re: Fe3O4 on T2
Posted by: Charlives
Date: March 03, 2017 06:46PM
Yeah, I hear ya...the f19 outperforms the t2 in tough ground....but why? it the higher frequency? and again, I'm wondering if a multi-frequency machine would beat all the mentioned detectors....or are we still waiting for a machine that can give us 10in coins in difficult soil?

Re: Fe3O4 on T2
Posted by: Sven
Date: March 03, 2017 07:38PM
Try dropping the threshold to -3 to -6 and reduce sensitivity.
Sometimes by reducing the threshold then you can increase the sensitivity

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Re: Fe3O4 on T2
Posted by: Charlives
Date: March 05, 2017 10:53AM
Thanks, Sven....I'll try that.
I'm still wondering whether or not to invest in a multi-frequency machine for these places.

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