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Is anyone using the new Teknetics patriot?
Posted by: tejon_man
Date: April 03, 2017 12:07PM
I cant find much info on this new detector, id like to see some field tests

Re: Is anyone using the new Teknetics patriot?
Posted by: REVIER
Date: April 03, 2017 01:54PM
Only unboxing videos out now, hope to see some in the field stuff soon.

If this is indeed a direct clone of the F70 with every feature, ability and behavior intact I can tell you a ton.
I have been using an F70 for about 3 years and my jaw has not stopped dropping since my first hunt.

Found really tiny silver swinging the coil way too fast on that first hunt so the speed is there.
In good soil I have gotten to 10" easy with 3 different coils, up to 12-13" on a few targets and a measured 15" on the deepest target I ever dug with the same coil that comes standard on this one.
In horribly bad mineralized soil I have gotten deeper than I ever had before with any other detector I have tried...again with three different coils including a sniper.
I have used it in extreme trash, insane iron infestation, around incredible amounts of EMI, sometime at sites with all three, and this thing has conquered them all and helped me find great bucket list items...many in sites that have been scoured for 50 years and declared totally hunted out.
The only place I have not used or excelled with it is at a saltwater beach but I wouldn't bet against it there either.

I found silver on my first hunt, gold on my fourth before I ever learned to understand it as well as I do now, paid for it in the first few months and have gone way beyond that now in the clad, silver and gold it has sniffed out.
The fun I have had using it is priceless.

A $679 detector that you can now get for $399 is blowing my mind.
This usually doesn't happen in the retail biz.

If you want to really know what it is capable of using both normal settings and some insane whacked out ones that also work insanely great check out the threads I have been posting in the F Series forum for the past few years.

"What if doing the Hokey Pokey really IS what it's all about?”
F70, F2, Compadre, Mojave, Judge2 - 2018....Mostly just some clad so far...more to come!

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