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T2 and Silver
Posted by: Joseph in Alabama
Date: April 20, 2017 05:40PM
Any of you guys hunt silver primarily with a t2..(lower conductors excluded)if so what tone settings do you like best 1,2,3 etc. thanks in advance. joe

Re: T2 and Silver
Posted by: Snap On Man
Date: April 20, 2017 06:17PM
I found a 1944 Lady Liberty half dollar on Christmas Eve last year and I was using 3 tone. It was about 8" down.

Re: T2 and Silver
Posted by: chuck, ky
Date: April 20, 2017 07:29PM
It would depend on what you set your disc. at. If you set it high it would depend on what sound you preferred listening to. If you set it below 40 then you would need 2 or 3 so you wouldn't have to look at the meter to see if its iron.

Re: T2 and Silver
Posted by: Pastor bob
Date: April 21, 2017 08:31AM
I set disc at 50 2 tone and listen for the deeper stuff. I have dug war nickels with numbers in the 60's.

Re: T2 and Silver
Posted by: REVIER
Date: April 21, 2017 09:02AM
I also live in Alabama and use a similar F70.
I have the red clay mineralization plus pretty heavy mineralization in much of the better black stuff here in Birmingham and tons of ridiculous amounts of iron just about everywhere in both public sites and private lawns because of the history of this city.
I used to love using multi tones most of the time, still do for quick brooming sites for shallow coins and jewelry from time to time, but for the heavy work trying to discern great targets at all depth levels that are more often than not heavily masked I have two go-to settings that are used the most around here with great success...all metal and 1, monotone with disc set very low to 1 or even 0.
It takes practice to get good at noticing the lightning fast changes at these settings but if you do I found I get the most, best information using both and have been shocked at what I have been able to find in some extremely challenging situations.
I like to get the most information possible and trained my brain to be my best discriminator but as I said this takes a bit of practice.

Also I am not sure but mine is designed to up average all targets around iron, both iron objects and in iron oxide rich mineralized soil and I have used this to my advantage to find deeper targets that others have missed for decades because all deeper signals here are never normal.
I am not talking about crazy deep either but just at 4"+ depth levels.
Since the T2, F75 and F70 are all built on the same basic platform I assume yours does this too.

Just part of the totally new language and sets of target behavior I needed to learn to hunt in this mess compared to the hugely different experiences I had hunting in much more normal and better dirt.

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Re: T2 and Silver
Posted by: Mega
Date: April 21, 2017 09:39AM
The T2 that i use is still the original green version,the main targets that we are after here in the UK are silver hammered coins these can be of course the full coin or cut halves and quarters but the main thing is that although they are all made of silver,the difference is that over say at least 1000+ years the silver content can/will vary by a massive amount this all depended on how much was around at the time.But it makes no odd what the grade of the silver if they are in the ground and within the reach of the coil then the T2 wont miss them.

The same also goes for gold coins or artifacts that can also vary by a fair amount,in the past they did not have the same standard as they do today,if you start using a fair amount of discrimination with our gold or silver hammered coins you will miss them,most folks want too knock out say foil etc but as silver hammered cons are very similar to the foil range you will miss them,gold coins or artifact can also come in very low down near the iron range so one also has to be very careful that one does not miss these prized finds as well.

Tone settings i must admit i always used to use 2+ of course a grunt for iron and a decent sound for all other decent targets,but sometimes i have found that if a item has mixed metal contents then sometimes its not sure which signal to give it and i have noticed if its not sure it can give a iron grunt tone when it can be a decent target,so over the last 12-18 months i have been using 3 tones and this is of course my personal opinion on this,i think by giving the detector the 3rd tone option then it can make a better decision on low/high targets and of course the grunt for iron.My way of thinking is that if it only has 2 options and its not 100% sure then its possible that what could be a decent old desirable target could be pushed into the iron pigeon hole if that makes sense,of course i could be totally wrong and its all in my mind,but 3 has to be better than 2.

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Re: T2 and Silver
Posted by: REVIER
Date: April 21, 2017 10:04AM
There are different opinions on how many tones are just the "right" amount because we are all different.
That "3 has to be better than two" statement I don't know but I will put this out...
Would the Two Stooges be any funnier or even just as funny as the Three Stooges?:confused:
I think not.

"What if doing the Hokey Pokey really IS what it's all about?”
F70, F2, Compadre, Mojave, Judge2 - 2018....Mostly just some clad so far...more to come!

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