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Re: T2 - What would you change ?.
Posted by: 2 Much Trash
Date: December 13, 2017 04:36PM
I own two T2s and have used them daily for the past seven years.
1-The on/off switch gets knocked on branches turning it down,
2- I'd like for it to hold the last settings on powering up.
Not bad problems though. I've loved mine and have been very successful.

O ring is a great idea. Also works great is to buy the dust/rain covers. They fit tight and ended the problem on my t2s. Killed 2 birds with one stone.

Re: T2 - What would you change ?.
Posted by: Mike Hillis
Date: December 14, 2017 10:50AM
I'd like a varible tone break option on it.


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