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T2 dst model vs. Older T2 before dst.
Posted by: chickamauga
Date: December 31, 2017 02:49PM
I have the newer T2 with the dst built in. It doesn't get the depth of the ones without the dst. I know you can cut the dst off but the stock coil still has the shielding in it too. So in theory you can't completely get rid of all the dst. I was wandering if anyone has used an aftermarket coil such as the Nel coils or any other coil and gotten better depth with the dst cut off on the detector.

Michael E.Guffey

Re: T2 dst model vs. Older T2 before dst.
Posted by: Snap On Man
Date: December 31, 2017 07:14PM
I only have used the newer T 2 classic. I am not sure what depth you have had. But my T2 with the NEL sharpshooter will sometimes challenge me and my Whites digger. I know for sure I am getting 8" plus sometimes.

Re: T2 dst model vs. Older T2 before dst.
Posted by: Joseph in Alabama
Date: January 04, 2018 06:23AM
I have the T2se with DST..Also have the Nel sharpshooter coil and have done several air test in both modes with both stock/ss coils and the sharpshooter coil is right there with the stock coil when air testing....What I would like to see is several forum members do is a baseline air test with the original T2 against the newer T2's/T2 DST models using stock coil..(like the Fisher CZ standard air testing..disc.0,sens.5,using dime example) see if some T2 units are hotter than others....HH. joe

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