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Bounty Hunter Tracker IV-control settings
Posted by: dave cruise
Date: January 05, 2010 03:40AM
Am communicating from Australia and new to using the detector.
Would appreciate help in using sensitivity control, discriminate control and three position toggle switch to:
1. search for rings and coins etc on the beach
2. search for gold-(live near old Chinese gold digging sites which date back to the 1800's)

Re: Bounty Hunter Tracker IV-control settings
Posted by: aushunter
Date: January 05, 2010 06:12AM
G'day Dave,
I have the same machine and it's a little beauty on coins and rings.
The only problem is depth,I have gotten coins down to a depth of 8" max.
It's a very easy machine to use, just set your Disc about 10oclock and Sens, just play with it until it stop chattering to you.
As far as i am concerned the meter should be discarded in future models as you really dont need it.
I have detected in pitch black darkness and still know the sounds of junk and/or treasure.
Buy a pair of Softies headphones of Ebay with volume control and you are on the way to recovering some valuables etc.
As for gold prospecting I havent given it a go just yet, but will soon. I bought a 4" coil for this purpose.
Where abi\outs in Oz you from, Dave? I'm in South East Qld.
OBTW I usually travell in All Metal Mode.
HH and Cheers

Re: Bounty Hunter Tracker IV-control settings
Posted by: nugget
Date: January 06, 2010 06:03AM
Hi Dave, I've owned and operated the T4's for just over 5yrs. I used to detect full time, the settings I used for beach work are Disc on Tone disc, at lowest possible setting. Sens set to where it justs stops chattering. You will dig more rubbish on these settings, however the benefits are more deeper jewellery items, etc. Regarding depth I have got mens gold rings at around 9" the same for 50c pieces. I found betwen $20,000 to $30,000 worth of jewelery and coins in a couple of years with them. As for nugget hunting I have only found 1 nugget which was a 1.05 gr at a couple of inches. They will not go deep at all on the mineralised soils here, the 4" coil would be useful for tight places but the nuggets will need to be at least a gram or more. Headphones are essential for beach work, RPG brand can be bought from the place you got the detector from, and are comfortable with good signal clarity. Good luck and happy hunting. Regards Nugget.

Infinium LS, X2 Bounty Hunter tracker IV's. XT 17000

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