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ss 2
Posted by: farmer85j
Date: March 20, 2015 08:17PM
In the manual it says the sharp shooter 2 can be ground balanced in the am mode but is this a true ground balance? Hope somone might know. Also does anyone know if the platinum and LRP can use the same coils? Thank you for any help.

Re: ss 2
Posted by: Bucksport
Date: March 20, 2015 09:56PM
I don't think it is a very good ground balance set up. There is no way to manually adjust it.
The only coils that will work are from the legacy machines.

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Re: ss 2
Posted by: Hightone
Date: March 21, 2015 02:08AM
Actually, Legacy coils are 6.6 khz like Discovery and all other older Bounty Hunters. They will not work good. The Platinum and LRP are Fratbros processes like the F5 and Teknetics Greek series. They operate at 7.8 khz. (LRP says 7.69). The 6.6 khz coils will plug in but will not have good depth or target ID. If you check out this chart, you can see how the 8" coil (8coil=7B13) fits all Fratbros machines and the 8coilN and 8coil-7blk are for 6.6 khz machines. Note that 10coil (Magnum) will work on almost all older Bounty Hunters.

FTPs coil chart needs an update, but you can get the idea of compatible coils from it. Now the SS can use the Legacy/Discovery/Pioneer coils.

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