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More on the Land Ranger Pro
Posted by: Hightone
Date: March 22, 2015 01:50PM
Reading into different detectors further, I can see a lot of similarities FTP engineers used to design the LRP around other FTP products. The LRP has a lot of the options available on the Fisher F19, except the FeTone feature. A similar conductivity arc. The big difference is that the F19 uses almost half of it's arc for Iron, when the LRP uses only 20% for Iron. This makes the F19, like the Teknetics brand, a plus for relic hunting where Iron is actually seeked out. The other Fisher brands use a low area of the conductivity numerics for Iron. Making it a better scale for determining precious metals from junk metal.

The LRP is basically a Eurotek Pro with ground balance and other features, less the Iron features used more by European hunters, like FeTone and a larger Iron spectrum. Bounty Hunters seemed to have always been more of a coin and jewelry machine. Usually FTP gives a brochured description of what each machine excels at in descriptive succession. The F19 says: Relic hunting, Jewelry hunting, Coin hunting. Though all machines find all metals, it seems that some concentrate more on one end of the spectrum than the other or areas in between.

Whites does a 0 where Iron stops and gold begins, then uses 0 to -95 for variable iron and 0 to +95 for non ferrous metals.

Being a coin and jewelry hunter, I disc out Iron. If I was to choose between a Eurotek Pro or the LRP, it benefits me to choose the LRP because I have a broader field of ID over the ETP. I have no use for FeTone, but do benefit from ground balance and maybe even notch. Though the LRP is a two rod design, it actually can be purchased for less over the ETP.

Coin and Jewelry hunter.

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Re: More on the Land Ranger Pro
Posted by: Bucksport
Date: March 22, 2015 09:18PM
My plan is to test both LRP and Eurotek Pro against each other while switching between both coils. I have my go to ball field a half mile down the road that has given me silver and lots of beaver tabs. I have picked up a few bags of golf tees to mark possible good targets as well as tabs. Then I will swing the other machine over and determine which one hits or rejects better. I think it will be fun. Also wanted to note that I'm not doing this to determine which is the "better" machine, just to determine strengths and weaknesses.

"Swing the coil east to west, then north to south, rinse, reverse, repeat"

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