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Posted by: john barrale
Date: April 13, 2015 01:02AM
If I set my sensitivity at max, am I getting the deph because iv'e noticed that when I run over a lot of targets and swing back to it I don't get a tone which that means its trash rite im just asking for advice,and I also discriminate smaller pull tabs and Nichols,because that's where really small gold items register, i'm looking for the bigger gold,am I doing this right ?I also keep the screw caps and bigger pull tabs alive cause that's where the bigger gold could register.any advice would help thx. im running a bounty hunter discovery 3300 and I love this machine.

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Max sens isn't always the deepest detecting...
Posted by: Elton
Date: April 13, 2015 09:20AM
Workable sens is the best operation of any machine.

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Re: Max sens isn't always the deepest detecting...
Posted by: Hightone
Date: April 18, 2015 10:11AM
Eltons right. If you sweep over a coin that is flat. you probably will get a repeatable signal. If the coin sets at an angle, sweeping towards the flat would give a tone where sweeping back towards the edge may not. Dave J (FTP engineer) says getting better depth isn't a problem. But if you're turning up too much depth, it exceeds proper detection and ID of coins/metal closer too the coil. An 8" coil can only make so much of an effective, well shaped electromagnetic field. Pushing it to do more would be like turning up a radio so loud it starts distorting sound to unintelligible levels. A good field can go 2 feet into the ground or more. But your only going to get good ID or even pick up smaller objects at usually 8", and depending on the objects conductivity, how it lays, ground conditions, etc, maybe only 6" or as much as 12".

Most good hunters sensitize their fields to just below where EMI effects it. Some push it for that extra inch or so by attempting to ignore a little EMI chatter. This takes a really good and experienced ear in my opinion. I love detecting as a "hobby" and not a competition, and am tickled at what I find at the 8" level.

Also, you will usually get better depth and not miss much if you do not notch. I believe it's better to ID the junk (pulltabs) yourself rather than depending on the machine just not lighting them up. Make sure you move around the target as you swing side to side, as the signal may change. And it may NOT be a tab after all. Notching it, you would have just passed up on a possible good target.

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