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silver pendant
Posted by: john barrale
Date: April 24, 2015 01:12AM
Went out yesterday to a park ad found a sterling silver creed St Benjamin pendant took it home and it goes for about 45.00$ I think i'll keep it.After doing some research on my 3300 I've started digging everything and man I come home with more jewelery than ever,just last month I was on vac and found a sterling silver 10k white gold wedding band,took it home and had it polished by a jeweler and now its like new again,so all I can say is dig every signal and you will come out a winner soooooner or later.:clapping:

Re: silver pendant
Posted by: tony (Orlando, FL)
Date: April 28, 2015 01:01PM

You are soooo right! Its a hard to dig everything however we all need to in order to be successful.

You made some super finds, Congrats.


Re: silver pendant
Posted by: john barrale
Date: April 29, 2015 05:43PM
thx for the feed back and same to you:clapping:

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