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Pulltabs ID as Silver Despite Discrimination (Yep...Silver NOT gold)
Posted by: loot_ n_al
Date: May 15, 2015 09:35AM
Hey everyone. I have noticed an unusual occurrence while swinging my BH Platinum, and wanted to see if you have seen this, also, in any detector.

I have recently hunted in a very trashy, highly mineralized park. To avoid being driven crazy, I disc out everything below dimes/silver (Yes, I know I'll miss gold). I Ground Grab the detector, and set the sensitivity relatively low, since all finds are less than 3-4 inches deep, plus there is heavy EMI in the area. I get the same results with the standard 6" coil, or the 10" concentric coil from my Quick Draw Pro, since they are compatible. So, it's not the coil.

I'll get a solid 82-83 dime/penny/silver hit. It's a repeatable north, south, east, west signal. Pinpointing shows a target at 1-2 inches deep. I dig, and at 1-2 inches, get...a pulltab. (It still gets a dime or penny if that's what is there), Once the pulltab is out of the ground, it does not ring up when waived in front of the coil. I rescan the hole, but the target is gone, so it definitely was the pulltab that the Platinum hit on. I understand the gold/pulltab/nickel issues, but have not seen this pulltab/silver issue. This occurs on the old or new style of pulltab.

If this had occurred only a couple of times, no big deal. But, this happens frequently, and seems to be fairly consistent. I never noticed this with the QDP. When I have more time, I plan to take out both detectors, and see what happens on the same signal.

So..... Why do pulltabs ring up as silver, while they are still in the ground, but are properly disced out after being dug up and waved in front of the coil?


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