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Up grade BH 505 ?
Posted by: Digginghound
Date: May 23, 2015 10:41AM
I'm hoping to get some thoughts and opinions.
I have an old BH 505 with 4, 8 and 10" coils. I can hear all of you hissing and laughing !
I know the machine really well and there are no fancy programs to learn or know.
I have always had good luck with it and will hit quarters at 7 to 8 inches in my local soil.
I'm a hobbyist type and largely a coin hunter and if I find some jewelry that's always good to !
I have been thinking at getting an AT Pro for about a year now but as temping as the thought is I would have to re learn another machine that might confuse the !!!! out of me and it would be like throwing my old BH 505, friend away to sit in a closet.
I'm an old muffler on a stick type of guy and there is no ego's or need to keep up with Jones's here.
I would really hate to spend $550.00 on the AT Pro and have it end up setting in a closet because it's more then what I need.
I'm not around any salt water so I really don't need the AT Pro for that.
I have read a lot about DD coils and how much better they can be.
Should I just upgrade my BH 505 to a 11' DD coil for $130.00 ? The Fisher 11" DD ,F2/F4 with fit my BH 505.
Would the AT Pro at $550.00 really do that much more for me as far as depth ?
Is the discrimination really any better on an AT Pro ?
We all end up digging junk anyway because the machine is fooled by a shape or just a size of an object.
I know the AT Pro has a loyal following that can be found on any detecting site, with a new thread posted, " FOUND WITH AT AN PRO !!!! " It's funny in a way because only the AT Pro owners do that !
So give me your thoughts please especially from older folks who have owned more of an older basic detector like the BH 505 and then a AT Pro.
Remember that lights, whistles and sirens don't really mean much to me.
Guess the question boils down to spending $130.00 to $ 550.00 ?
Thanks for your thoughts on this.

Re: Up grade BH 505 ?
Posted by: mudpuppy
Date: May 23, 2015 10:59AM
Dude...First of all, Great write up!..:clapping:.

Contemplating what you ask, and putting myself in your shoes.......I'd stick with the 505 and forget about all the rest!...Its what you know and have hard fought learned!...Screw it! Go and knock down some huge gold with your first love there, the 505..screw depth, features and all that..if it makes you feel any better, buy (or find) a roll of self adhesive athletic tape and re-wrap your handle!...aint nobody prying my first love out of my hands!...I understand what she is saying...I'm sure you are the same way....

Now, if you think you are going to get in the water and gold hunt, then of course, get the Pro and a scoop and waders for that reason, but other than that, I think you are good to go with what you have, and no doubt can outhunt most?..:shrug:.

Nasty words, and suggestive post.

Re: Up grade BH 505 ?
Posted by: john barrale
Date: May 23, 2015 11:08AM
I just up graded to a ace 350 by garrett because of the KHz, the discovery3300 gave me 6.25 KHz and the ace 350 gives me 8.25 and man this signals doubled and it comes factory balanced. I'm still working with it and hopefully it will pay off.aiat is picking up signals my old one wouldn't so it might be a good idea to up grade,the only thing is you dig up more thash but more possibilities on finding the good stuff,good luck to you in your hunting,let me know what you did,keep in touch. Your friend john.:clapping:

Re: Up grade BH 505 ?
Posted by: Hightone
Date: May 23, 2015 03:15PM
Take the $130 and double it for a Land Ranger Pro. DD coil comes with it with more options than you'll need.


Coin and Jewelry hunter.

BH Land Ranger Pro
BH Quick Draw Pro
Deteknix XPointer

Have owned different Garretts,
Fishers, Tesoros, Whites and MineLab
in the past 12 years.

Re: Up grade BH 505 ?
Posted by: Ed Steinhoff
Date: May 23, 2015 11:18PM
Tough call on that one. I started with a 505 five years ago and averaged over 3000 coins and assorted bling every year for three years and then I upgraded to a f-70. the learning curve was steep and even tho I now love my 70, my yearly take has dropped a little, not due to detector difference. The 70 has shown me how to better set and run the 505. In the hands of an experienced hand the 505 is still a very capable tool.
I too have been drawn to the at pro, only for the waterproof aspect. Hightones advice about moving up to a land ranger might be the best move unless you absolutely need the waterproof feature.
HH Ed in co.

Tracker IV, Pioneer 505, Fisher F-70, detector pro pistol probe, various coils.
2015 running total: 2565 coins = $174.25 1 Kennedy half, 61 wheat's, 4 silver Washingtons, 10 mercs, 4 silver rosies, 3 SLQ's
oldest coin 1876 seated dime, favorite coin found, 1888o morgan dollar.
wish list #1, walker 50 cent piece

"never give up. never surrender"

Re: Up grade BH 505 ?
Posted by: adamBomb
Date: July 14, 2015 08:28AM
The good thing about the AT Pro is that its water proof so you can take it in the water. If you are not going in the water you might as well just keep what you have. The AT Pro might give you some more depth though if that is a concern.

Re: Up grade BH 505 ?
Posted by: BH505Man
Date: August 01, 2015 03:28AM
I'm a loyal Pioneer 505 guy. The 505 was my first Bounty Hunter detector that I purchased and it still holds it's own even against more expensive and more sophisticated models. I now own a Legacy 3500 too. The 505 has a slight depth advantage over the Legacy however the Legacy has the numbered ID which gives you a little better idea what your target is before you dig it. The Legacy also has manual ground balance which helps when hunting in the wet sand at the beach. The neat thing is that I can use all my coils on either detector. And yes, the 11"DD coil is worth the money spent and has it's place in your coil arsenal.


Walt from Washington State
US Air Force TSgt, Retired
Served 1972 - 1994

Pioneer 505, Legacy 3500, 4", 8", 10" & 11"DD coils, Cen Tech pinpointer, Lesche digging knife, homemade 3" diameter plug popper, Teknetics T2 Classic with 11" DD & 15" coils

Re: Up grade BH 505 ?
Posted by: PostalTwo
Date: August 07, 2015 12:45PM
is the discrimination better on the at pro ? i say no
is the depth better on the at pro i say yes much deeper.
do u need an upgrade ? i say no

i have a bh discovery 2200 and 3300. i thought i needed an upgrade,i thought i wanted a machine that offered more audio info. i tried a friends at pro and hated it big time . i also tried an at gold and like it , the audio was much smoother . ended up getting an at gold and used it for 6 months before selling it and getting a whites v3. in my 6 months of use i did well with it but it was too noisy every bit of tinfoil flake of rust etc makes a noise. u ca. tell the difference between a coin and flake of trash but it wears u down after 6 hours of hunting . my brain got tired lol. the at gold is deep i bury a dime the depth of a garrett pp and coukd hit it with a consistant tone to me thats deep. this was with thr 8.5x11 coil. the at machine love bottlecaps they sound like a quarter and it takes a bit to figure them out but it can be done.

now with the v3 i can hunt in silence until im over a good target and im happy . i would suggst u find a way to try out machines before u buy because u tube vids arnt even close to the same a using it .

Re: Up grade BH 505 ?
Posted by: Rick62
Date: January 04, 2016 09:22PM
The BH 505 will hit some very deep targets in all metal mode I have found hubcaps in the all metal mode with the 8 inch coil at 3 feet deep and it does a very good job of IDing targets , this is a real keeper I have owned mine for 12 years and it works like it was new , it is a great little detector new or used and it will hit placer gold in all metal mode , try testing it, I did and it works !! All in all a very good machine !!!

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