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Land Ranger Pro
Posted by: Wiley old goat
Date: May 25, 2015 06:50PM
I got a LRP last week that I am afraid that I am going to have to send back. This is my first detector so I need feedback from other's with experience. First couple of days it worked just like I expected it to, had quite a bit of rain so it didn't get used for several days, just stood in the corner. Then the other night I heard the audio signal like I had turned it on. I thought I had not turned it off completely so I did turn it off. Two nights later it did the same thing, when I checked it out the display kept running through the startup sequence and wouldn't settle into one of the modes, it also would not turn off by the normal on-off switch, and I could only turn it off by removing the battery. The next morning I replaced the battery and it seemed to function normally, but that night it chirped at me again and would not shut off normally so I had to pull the battery again. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? And a second question, I got the 4"goldbug coil additionally with the LRP, I just found this site today and on the coil compatibility sheet it did not show the 4" as working with the LRP. I had hoped that it would help in trashy areas, but it appears that I have made a mistake. Any one dealt with this? Thanks for any help.

Re: Land Ranger Pro
Posted by: Hightone
Date: May 27, 2015 11:43AM
First off, I am not aware of a 4" Gold Bug coil. I believe it is 5". If you bought the 4" Bounty Hunter coil, it will work but not well. The older BHs are a different frequency than the LRP and need the 5" coil used for the GB, Fisher F5, Tek Greek series to work properly.

The problem you describe with the unit coming on by itself and not being able to shut off sounds like either weak or non alkaline batteries or a bad unit and you need to contact Bounty Hunter.

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Re: Land Ranger Pro
Posted by: Wiley old goat
Date: May 27, 2015 07:45PM
Thank you Hightone for all of the good info. I incorrectly said the name of the 4 coil, the statement from Amazon called it a 4' Gold Nugget, After reading many of the forum posts dealing with the Land Ranger Pro I understood what you and others had talked about as far as the coil interchangeability of the LRP. Hopefully Amazon will refund my purchase price.
The 9v battery I put in my LRP is fresh from the pack, Rayovac Alkaline, but I will try another new battery from a different package to be sure. If that doesn't solve the issue I still have time to return for a replacement. I really like the layout of the LRP and it's ease of use, just a little bummed at the moment. Thanks again.

Re: Land Ranger Pro
Posted by: john barrale
Date: May 27, 2015 11:34PM
try Energizer they last a lot longer for the $$$$$$$$.

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