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LRP finally arrived
Posted by: toddsant
Date: September 11, 2015 10:48PM
First thing I noticed, is that in all metal it still shows vdi numbers and depth- that is a huge plus
I was air testing some coins , just to verify that the machine was working and it hit the nickel at a solid 10 inches, with the vdi jumpy from high 28-29 to 35. I can live with that.
Man is this light, makes my f70 feel like a brick,lol. In fact my wife thought the box was empty.solid build - absolutely 0 wobble, well balanced. The icons on the screen , menu items are a bit small but minor annoyance.
Only emi issues I have seen so far, is on a sensitivity setting of 10/while inside. So not a chatterbox like my f70. Pinpoint is right on,but it is slightly annoying that it takes several seconds for the screen to reset once your done pressing the pin point button, again just a minor annoyance.
Overall it she hunts half as good as she looks, this is gonna be one helluva a detector.

Re: LRP finally arrived
Posted by: Hightone
Date: September 12, 2015 08:46PM

Mine air tests nickels OK. In the ground not as well. See if you run into the same thing, If you find nickels easily and they lock, let me know. I may need FTP to check mine.

Yes, Mine has that delay from going to disc after using the PP button. Only a second on mine as if the unit has to reset or something. Doesn't bother me.

The only other thing I have found is when you are detecting and holding the PP button while moving the coil to X the target, the membrane tends to easily pop in and out of PP mode when you try to maintain pressure on the PP button. See if that happens with you.

Regardless, you can't find anything in that price range that has all the features and detects as deep and fast and comfortable as the LRP.

I've had many machines. None perfect and all had an issue or two.

Coin and Jewelry hunter.

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in the past 12 years.

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