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Wireless FM Headphones
Posted by: loot_ n_al
Date: October 05, 2015 01:20PM
I like to fiddle with things as much as anyone, so I thought I would share my (cheap) attempt at “cutting the cord”, by using wireless headphones while detecting. You may still have a headphone cord, depending on the fm radio you choose to use, but you are free from the cord attaching you to your detector.

I found a Scosche FM transmitter, for sub $15 after taxes, and attached it to the back of my detector, with Velcro. It’s small, lightweight, and doesn’t get in the way, at all. (The plug is a is 3.5mm a so if you only have a ¼ inch jack on your detector, you’ll need an adapter) Tune a portable FM radio to the transmitter’s frequency, and you are now “unwired”. If you happen to have an FM radio with built-in headphones, you are totally wireless.

The first question you will ask is regarding the lag time. With this method, there is no perceptible lag time, at all. The tones you get may sound slightly different than what you are used to, but nothing too drastic, and easy enough to adapt to.

I also tried another method, which did NOT work out as well. I tried a cellphone, with built in fm radio, that allowed me to try method #2. After pairing the phone’s fm radio to the transmitter/detector, I tried using Bluetooth headphones, to eliminate the wires. Did it work? Yes. However…. The lag time was SO noticeable, it was unusable.

So, for 15 bucks, you can have a pretty decent wireless setup. I have not tried a Bluetooth transmitter, and have my doubts it will work, without the lag, unless you purchase one of the more expensive units.

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