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Best BH Find
Posted by: coindawg
Date: August 07, 2016 08:44PM
This was my best BH ring, using a BH Quick Draw II with 8" coil. This was in the late 90's while hunting with the regular crew. Best part of about it after trying for two years. I finally located the original student. Apparently he gave it to a girl he met while working, she had wrapped electrical tape around it to make it fit. It was still there. Great memories.

Re: Best BH Find
Posted by: Nosdoogm
Date: August 07, 2016 10:22PM
I've only had my Land Ranger Pro for less than a month, but I found this bicycle head badge. It's from the 1910's, and belonged to a bicycle made by Davis Sewing Machines. I've searched for it online, and only found a few examples on vintage bike forums. I haven't been able to determine it's value as of yet, The closest I have come is seeing a posting on a forum warning someone rebuilding a Yale bicycle (the model this came from) that he would likely pay as much for the head badge as he would for the rest of the bike. If anyone has any information on this item, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Re: Best BH Find
Posted by: coindawg
Date: August 08, 2016 07:37AM
That is one great find. A little bit of history that would have gone by the way side and lost forever. Keep it swingin & HH.

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