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Time Ranger V4 VID
Posted by: AcDigger
Date: January 13, 2017 10:15AM
I've been using the v4 on all metal mode and digging everything. However I would like to know if anyone has a VID chart that they wouldn't mind posting? I'm looking for something that gives me a visual to go by that will give me an idea of what is in the ground before I dig. I know everybody says to go by sound but the time ranger only has 3 tones I believe, I have learned to dig the high tones when in disc mode but I think if I had a chart to look at and corespond with the numbers I could learn my machine a little better. An example of what I'm looking for is Aluminum can 35. Etc.... these are just random examples and not my experiences. Thanks and any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Time Ranger V4 VID
Posted by: Mike Hillis
Date: January 16, 2017 01:15PM
This is what is in the Time Ranger Manual....

foil from gum wrapper = 1 - 12
U.S. nickel 5¢ coin = 20 - 33
aluminum pulltab = 29 - 50
aluminum screwcap = 55 - 75
zinc penny (post-1982) = 68 - 78
aluminum soda pop can = 70 - 105
copper penny, clad dime = 90 - 100
quarter 25¢ coin, clad = 110 - 122
50¢ coin, modern clad = 124 - 132
old silver dollar coin = 130 - 140
US silver Eagle $1 coin = 130 - 165


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