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Older Land Ranger from 2004
Posted by: Crew Chief
Date: March 13, 2019 09:10PM
:usaf: Hello, is anyone still swinging the original Land Ranger. My wife has a Land Ranger she received for her birthday in 2004. I just got a F 70 so I can join her in her hunts. She has no desire to get a new machine and is very comfortable with her BH. She mostly runs it in program 1 and digs everything, pull tabs and other trash do not bother her at all. She also has a 5in coil but has never used it. I think it would help in locating small jewelry near the surface. Are there any other advantages to the smaller coil? And do you really give up much depth with a smaller coil? Thanx.

Re: Older Land Ranger from 2004
Posted by: Bucksport
Date: March 14, 2019 10:43AM
I recently acquired one that needed to be repaired. I have a Time Ranger as well as about a dozen other machines.
The repair cost was around 100 dollars, but the case is the only thing that they didn’t replace. It got a new board, control face, and even new decals on the side. Top notch service in my eyes.
I highly recommend the 4” coil for trashy areas. You do sacrifice a little depth, but it’s perfect for really trashy park areas.

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Re: Older Land Ranger from 2004
Posted by: Crew Chief
Date: March 14, 2019 12:15PM
:usaf: Thanx for the comments Bucksport :cheers: Nice to know it can still be repaired for fair price. Like I mentioned, my wife's was purchased new in 2004. Still looks and works great. Soon as this snow and ice here in Michigan go away we are gonna slap the small coil on the BH Land Ranger.

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