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pin pointers
Posted by: cory in fla,
Date: July 08, 2007 07:05PM
Question i forgot to ask in my last message was about pin pointers and which is a good one to buy? i have seen them used and they sure beat sifting through dirt by hand looking for what you found.

Re: pin pointers
Posted by: Mick in Dubbo
Date: July 09, 2007 02:34AM
G'day Cory.
If you don't have a pinpoint on your machine, then a pin pointer can save you a lot of time and frustration when trying to find a target. The Vibraphone 560 is a very popular unit. It will only detect a coin when it gets to about an inch away from it. It is also water proof and turns itself off after a minute of not being used. They also vibrate as well as giving you a signal. I haven't used it myself, this is only what I've gleaned from others.
I personally own a Pocket UniProbe, which are the most expensive ones on the market, and cost around $269 US. They will hit a coin in the ground down to about 4 inches and are a huge asset if you struggle with pinpointing. On the downside, I would strongly recommend that you get the coil hard wired to the machine before you buy it though, as the connection between the coil and the control box is very poor and the centre connector will brake very easily. Hard wiring it will prevent that. Also, it is a bit bulky to carry around.
I bought mine when I was having issues with the pinpoint on my X-Terra 30 was playing up, and man did it save me some frustration. I have since sent the X-Terra in for repairers a couple of times, but I don't think that the pinpoint on it is what it should be.
Mick Evans.

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