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Looking for large iron targets with sharp shooter II
Posted by: papa 1
Date: August 11, 2007 11:11AM
Hi all,

I'm new. I'm the operator of a rural water district in SE Kansas, with bad/out dated maps of my system. I know where I should have valves but there's no indication they are there. The valves are cast iron and are gallon bucket size and larger.

The Brown truck delivered my SS2 yesterday afternoon. I bought a Sharp Shooter II because at $175 it looked like the most md for the money. In addition, I read some specs that claimed it can see large iron objects down to 4'. The valves are between 36" and 40" deep.

Has anybody tried finding large iron targets with the SS2? Any good tips before I start?

Thanks in advance,
papa 1

Re: Looking for large iron targets with sharp shooter II
Posted by: Wayne/TX
Date: August 12, 2007 01:56AM
Hi Papa 1 and welcome to this great hobby!
Your SS2 will easily find the iron valves you seek.
The best mode for them will be All Metal, since you
won't want to discriminate out the Iron response.
The SS2 has automatic ground balance(adjusts to mineralized
soil), so just turn it on, press all metal, lower to ground
and press ground trac and begin to sweep the coil over the
ground about an inch or two above the surface. Try to keep
a level sweep through each swing(don't swing up at the end of
your sweep), as this will keep the coil's field strength at a
constant depth into the ground as you search. Those valves
should sound off widely given their size, but even so, you might
want to use some headphones for best hearing, especially if
there's noise around you.

If it turns out that the valves are deeper than you thought,
then you might also buy the 10 inch coil for even deeper targets.
But I suspect that the 8" coil will find them too.
After you find the valves, don't forget that the SS2 is also
a fine instrument for other treasures like coins and rings in
other sites!
Good luck in all you do!

Re: Looking for large iron targets with sharp shooter II
Posted by: papa 1
Date: August 12, 2007 07:20AM
Thanks Wayne,

I went out yesterday and found a "loud" return in the all metal mode, but the ground is hard and it was too hot to dig by hand. The SS2 doesn't have a depth meter, so there's absolutely no telling what it found. I'll call in to DIG SAFE to get a utility locate, then I'll bring in the backhoe and see what I find.


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