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Putting a jar of coins together now... Stay Tuned.. Picture of Egytian funerary Sarcophagas Ushabti, 1800 B.C., Luxor area. Donated by Vlad. Contest for it to follow...
Posted by: Guvner
Date: December 26, 2016 10:26AM
I took a picture of what our collector friend Vlad donated to be given away and here it is... It's genuine. It's also around 7 inches long.

I hope Vlad comes by and explains a bit about it. I will devise a contest this week.




Added by Vlad...

The Ushabti, was a funerary figurine used in Ancient Egypt. Ushabtis were placed in tombs among the grave goods and were intended to act as servants or minions for the deceased, should he/she be called upon to do manual labor in the afterlife. They were usually written on by the use of hieroglyphs typically found on the legs. Called “answerers,” they carried inscriptions asserting their readiness to answer the gods' summons to work. The practice of using ushabtis originated in the Old Kingdom (c. 2600 to 2100 BCE) with the use of life-sized reserve heads made from limestone, which were buried with the mummy. Most Ushabtis were of minor size, and many produced in multiples – they sometimes covered the floor around a sarcophagus. Exceptional Ushabtis are of larger size, or produced as a one of-a-kind master work.

The Ushabti's commonness through all Egyptian time periods, and world museums' desire to represent ancient Egyptian art objects, makes it one of the most commonly represented objects in Egyptology displays. Produced in huge numbers, Ushabtis, along with Scarab Beetles, are the most numerous of all ancient Egyptian antiquities.

~This figurine is around 1800 B.C. and from the area of Luxor. It was exposed to sun and wind.~

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