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two water hunts
Posted by: lel
Date: October 14, 2011 09:51PM
This is my third year water hunting. I am always in awe of posters showing off multiple rings. Of course I have found several rings but not more than one in a hunt. I was able to get out Tuesday and Wednesday. The water was clear and there was no surf.
Well, the rings were popping up. Two Tuesday and three Wednesday. 2 925's, 1 stainless, 1 titanium & one not marked. Also the usual clad, pull tabs & bottle caps. The Infinium was on fire!

Re: two water hunts
Posted by: deepseeker442
Date: October 22, 2011 07:14PM
wow nice. wtg :thumbup: :usaflag:

Re: two water hunts
Posted by: Crispy Critter
Date: October 22, 2011 07:20PM
The ring's look awesome Ed. Thanks for posting here.


Re: two water hunts
Posted by: billybones
Date: March 24, 2012 12:24AM

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