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Infininum Question
Posted by: iRondo
Date: December 23, 2015 09:58AM
Hey there, I'm just getting interested in Metal Detecting and I'm shopping for my first detector. I'm looking at the Infinium, Excalibur II, and the Surfmaster PI II. I'm sure you all know the makers.
I think I'm most interested in the infinium EXCEPT that it comes with land headphones only. That seems just a tad weird. Question #1. Why would they make an amphibious machine and not amphibious headphones? Question #2. Why can't you just use the submersible headphones on land and if you can then... Question #3. Why not just include the waterproof headphones?

Any other experienced opinions on the differences between the detectors I mentioned would be greatly appreciated.
I am interested in detectors for saltwater diving, ocean beachcombing, prospecting. I understand that I won't find one that's perfect for all but would like to find the best overall for those activities

Thanks very much,


Re: Infininum Question
Posted by: WaterWalker
Date: December 26, 2015 04:36AM
First on the headphone for the Infinium. The Infinium L/S is a Land/Sea detector. Originally for high minerialized ground hunting. The Infinium is great in the salt water and the land headphone can be used in water application BUT do not get them wet! That is easy to do unless you detect in rain, rough surf, or want to snorkel while detecting. Garrett does sell the waterproof BLUE headphone and another option is the Gray Ghost Amphibians. I have a set of the GGA and love them, they have a volume control something the BLUE and the Infinium do not have. Why only the land headphones come with the Infinium; I am sure it is a cost saving / money maker for Garrett. They probably sell more Infiniums for Land use than Sea. And the Land headphones do have a volume control.

As for the detector I could pick one, but know knowing where and how you plan to use it, it is impossible to pick just one. I own all three and each shines over the others in particular environments. I.e. salt / fresh water, water or land, Florida or New England, trashy or clean hunt areas, jewelry or coins, how much you are willing to dig, do you plan to travel with the detector, do you need interchangeable coils / headphones...and the list goes on.

Re: Infininum Question
Posted by: iRondo
Date: December 26, 2015 03:58PM
Hi WW, thanks for the reply. I hope you had a good Christmas. Yeah I understand that the headphone thing would be a cost saving/money maker for Garret, I just find it a little annoying. After all, the machine isn't really amphibious if you can't go in the water with it because you don't have the waterproof headphones. But it's not an important enough issue to get stuck on. I just think it would be better if they'd offer an upgrade to the submersible headphones. But then again I didn't realize there was a difference with the volume control you mentioned.
I live on the west coast of BC. My uses are listed above and I'm willing dig. We live on a sailboat and plan to cruise different areas of the coast at different times of year. For instance, I would be diving and beach combing the popular anchorages during the fall but be panning/detecting for gold in the remote fjords during the summer. Probably be beach combing the beaches of Vancouver and other centres during the winter months. About the only fresh water it might see would be in creeks and rivers searching for gold.
I think the only thing that worries me about the infinium is that I've read some reviews which raised quality and customer service issues. Other than that, I think it's probably the one I will/would choose.

Re: Infininum Question
Posted by: Fishers Ghost
Date: December 26, 2015 11:56PM
If you intend to do some gold detecting then of the detectors you have mentioned, the Infinium would be the way to go because it has been set up to function well in high to extreme iron mineralisation.
Yes it can be a bit cantankerous in salt water surf. It also requires a very slow sweep speed to detect small or very deep targets that only produce weak signals.
My Infinium is a very early model (2007) and it has not given me any trouble yet....Touch wood.

The Surf PI ll is not much use in high iron minealisation but is very good on the beach and freshwater lakes.

The Xcal is likely the best salt water beach and scuba machine you will buy. The multi frequency handles just about all ground and beach conditions. The detector is not a good choice for gold field work where iron minerals are high concentration.
The Discrimination mode operates just about as deep as the All Metal mode but remember that like most discriminators, it will give an iron tone or null out on some small gold when disc level is set above small iron.
The detector is heavy and can be a bit of a handful out of the water but nothing you cannot adapt to

Just an opinion, not Gospel..

Re: Infininum Question
Posted by: iRondo
Date: December 27, 2015 07:15AM
Thanks FG, At first I was going to buy the Xcal but it is sold out everywhere I look. Since I'm up north and metal detecting is not going to happen until late spring or summer anyway, I'm really not in a hurry but I'm a little concerned about placing an order and then moving before it arrives.
My thinking on the gold aspect is that I'll be panning anyway so it's probably not the most important criterion on the list. Scuba and saltwater beaches are definitely more important.
I'm starting to think that maybe a used gold machine for just that purpose, plus the Xcal or Infinium might be the way to go.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays to you,


Re: Infininum Question
Posted by: iRondo
Date: December 29, 2015 06:30PM
Funny, After some thought and considering your advice, I decided that it would be best to buy a new X-cal first and then just keep my eyes open for a used, reasonably priced detector primarily for gold. Then I found a used Infinium on Craigslist that included the underwater headphones and some other add-ons. The price was reasonable, I thought, so I contacted the owner. This person also has a number of other things of interest to me for sale, including a hookah dive system, a sluice box, a gold placer claim and more. I was only inquiring about the detector though. She starts off by talking really super fast and at first not too aggressively or insulting but I quite literally could not get a word in edgewise.
At any rate I finally told her that I would take the detector but she would have to ship (at my expense of course) COD. Then she went completely off her rocker, refused and then hung up on me. WOW!
That was followed by a barrage of emails bragging about her 1/4 million dollar gold claim and that everyone in her town knows her and blah blah blah. Absolutely laughable!
So the next morning I did another search for an Xcal and found one, in stock, and bought it. Can't wait until it arrives!

My Momma always told be to beware of fast-talkin' gold diggers. lol

Cheers and thanks again for the comebacks!

Re: Infininum Question
Posted by: WaterWalker
Date: January 04, 2016 02:42AM
Good choice. I am sure you will be impressed with it.
The only thing I must mention is that there is a rubber gasket between the battery pack and connector.
Keep this gasket clean and never enter the water without it in place. I have seen a new battery pack
destroyed in a few hours of detecting. I like to hip mount the control tube.

May the ring of gold be in your ears and its glitter in your scoop!...throughout the new year.

Re: Infininum Question
Posted by: Fishers Ghost
Date: January 14, 2016 06:10AM
G/Day iRondo.
The Excal is a great beach and scuba machine. You will soon get used to the tones.
Remember that low tones (normally iron) can be small gold.
Dig everything until you become accustomed to the detector.........And then keep on digging everything.:cheers:

Re: Infininum Question
Posted by: iRondo
Date: January 14, 2016 07:39AM
Yep! Thanks, I can't wait to get started. Only two more months!

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