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Hunted 4 old ball fields, Inferno tipped with 8" mono
Posted by: Dancer
Date: October 30, 2018 05:32AM
Little cold, overcast, no one around. Perfect. These fields get picked on enough threw the season, so was just seeing what I could squeeze out. Banged a Q right inside the gate. Than passed over numerous rusty nail & alum signals. Scored 2more quarter's then moved to another field. Scoured that field for 72 cents. Digging a little trash. Those round pull tabs with the beaver tails suck me in every time. Just too close to pass. Some iron comes close to sounding like quarter \ dimes. If not sure gotta dig. Third field, about gave up on. Hit a fresh spill of 6 dimes near my exit. Last field, everyone's favorite. Closest to concession stand. Nickel and a penny. So $2.13. Brushing up on the pulse induction, getting ready for the beach. I'll say this. My main machine for mud hunting is the At Pro with the 5x8 coil. Deadly. But, that 8" Mono coil is dead on for pin pointing. So I had a good hunt. In that I did what I wanted to. Squeeze out what I could. I believe 17 coins out of the dead sea. Got a couple other places like this to mop up. Who knows?

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