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Best minelab program
Posted by: vatos
Date: December 26, 2010 09:05AM
What do you think is the best minelab program?
The standard programms or programms made by someone?

Is there also a coin / jewelry program available, this is the program i always use with my DFX.--- still have to wait for my etrac!

Gr Arend
Merry christmas

Re: Best minelab program
Posted by: sugar
Date: December 26, 2010 11:07AM
use the coin or relic program initailly to get you used to the etrac decide whether you want to dig high tones which means use ferrous setting or low tones using conductive setting if you have no volume control on earphones make sure you turn volume down on etrac. take tme to learn it watch videos and read andys book and instruction manual. no need to rush go out there and enjoy trust what it is telling you and be prepared to be amazed . ok when you have the confidence then start tweaking it for extra depth you can load the emulator to help you learn the controls and once learnt you can go out in the field and tweak as you go along that is how easy it is. the thing with the etrac is it is givimg you choice to run for different conditions i personally buried some items and listened to its response this is a great way to learn by the way i am a newbie so if anyone else disagrees with any of this advice please feel free as this is just my thoughts and opinions. i have had such an amazing time with the etrac and run it in two tone ferrous with no discrim and no threshold volume it is so quiet but whoosh it lets you know something is there dig and enloy what a machine hope you have a great time happy hunting

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