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true story gold bar find in Utah
Posted by: utahshovelhead
Date: February 22, 2011 09:31AM
I posted this about 6 months ago and thought I would re post it as lots of us were hunting like nunts and not on the Forum much.
I do not have any update on the story as I have not yet spoken to the guys involved.

This is a true story told as accurately as told me.

3-5 guys from Davis County, Utah, were riding there ATVs in the Unitas above Kamas heading out of a rain Storm spring of 2010. One of them spy's something shinning yellow in the muddy tire tracks on the trail. They find not one but three GOLD BARS. They are described as 1 inch by 5 or 6 inch's long and have Spanish marking on them. Most likely Spanish gold bullion bars made hundreds of years ago with the enslavement of many native Indians. Exciting and Cool find right? and something we would all love to do and experience.

But here is the rest of the story;
I heard about this and went to a local supply house where one of the finders showed employees pictures of there amazing finds. The story was confirmed and then the employee said but they bragged it up so much and showed the bars around so much that soon after finding the bars the Forest Service investigated and charged them with basically looting the antiquities of the National Forest under the Antiquities Act. They have confiscated the Bars ( I would like to know where they are and what will happen to them) and are prosecuting the finders. I have read about this kind of thing happening before. And Bars have been found in that part of the State before. Why are we so basackward here in the USA? They should of rewarded those finders handsomely as the forest service would never ever find something like that without paying 100 times more than its worth. Then they could [put it in a museum with the finders names and story attatched to it.

I don't want to start into it any more than that but every time this happens every one of us with that natural desire to pick up the shinny object we FOUND will never want to tell anybody about what could be a really cool find that others will enjoy. I am sure many great finds have been made but the finders were way careful not to share it with anyone else.

Great Find...Sad ending!

Be wise,

Re: true story gold bar find in Utah
Posted by: Jason in Enid
Date: February 22, 2011 09:49AM
Just more reason to keep your fool mouth shut if you do find something really good.

Re: true story gold bar find in Utah
Posted by: terrywl
Date: February 22, 2011 10:42AM
I have been going back and forth with BLM over this same subject. The southwest is full of WW II training camps with coins and buttons, etc. to be found. They will not give a straight answer as to what you can do, just what you can not do. Metal detecting does not seem to have any general prohibitions. BUT... you can not keep anything over 50 years old, hand tools only, no damage to vegetation or wildlife. It is very restrictive. This is not confined to special sites as far as I can determine, but is the general rule for all BLM land. If anyone has better information I would sure love to hear it. Personally I never find anything old except on private property where I have permission to hunt. Terry in San Diego

Caution is prudent
Posted by: Rich (Utah)
Date: February 22, 2011 11:22AM
Until the US Antiquity Laws get corrected it is prudent to be VERY CAREFUL of what you post.

Rich (Utah)

. . . . enjoying the vistas and horizons of the Old West.

Re: true story gold bar find in Utah
Posted by: Aaron
Date: February 22, 2011 11:50AM
Yes that is to bad however that's our goverment at work for you, and we just have to keep our mouths shut whenever we find something of great value.
Thanks a lot for the post.

Re: true story gold bar find in Utah
Posted by: wvrick
Date: February 22, 2011 02:33PM
The land of the free is no so free when it comes to money. Take the story of Mel Fisher finding the Atocha and the US or State of Florida seizing it. I had just become a diver when this happen and who would think your treasure would be taken away from you. Like posted above, be careful posting finds or telling about it.

Re: true story gold bar find in Utah
Posted by: 1goldsniper
Date: February 22, 2011 03:47PM
Just like Jason said in the next post keep your mouth shut and develop amnesia. Here is the fed reg. for federal lands. 43CFR 3715.6j last couple of lines.

Re: true story gold bar find in Utah
Posted by: tdyer
Date: February 22, 2011 04:13PM
I only find stuff thats not over 5 years old

Re: true story gold bar find in Utah
Posted by: detectorfreak74
Date: February 22, 2011 05:09PM
I would have melted all the marks out of the gold bars so it is smooth and fly to the Yukon where gold is still currency and cashed it in, and never spend over 10,000 in cash at a time but if you do US law states the IRS AND THE FBI HAVE TO BE NOTIFIED and investigated and if you make 15 dollars an hour and your spending that kind of money it don't add up

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