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Re: Etrac vs. Safari...which is better?
Posted by: CanadaDig
Date: November 09, 2011 09:33PM
Im New to detecting, I have a f4 since summer and done pretty well (1902 Indian Head, some sliver quarters and wheats and 1907 canadian Silver Nickel. HOWEVER, I have fell head over hills over this new hobbly and do not want to have buyers remorse. Im looking into the ETRAC or Whites V3. I know you guys may be bias for the Etrac and I have seen so many good things on the ETRAC but may not have 1500 to spend. Im pushing it to get 1200 for the V3. Any suggestions...without bashing ....I know they are both good machines but the V3 may be more difficult.

Re: Etrac vs. Safari...which is better?
Posted by: GoVidGo
Date: November 10, 2011 12:03AM
I upgraded from an Xterra 705 to the Etrac about 2 weeks ago and the ETrac is amazing!.... it runs diff frequencies which can pick up gold. I found the back of a gold earing in my yard a few inches down. Granted it was only a few inches down, but do you know how SMALL the back of a gold earing is?!?!... it impressed me!

Re: Etrac vs. Safari...which is better?
Posted by: my Digga
Date: October 29, 2018 10:02AM
Hi i just read your comment about the Etrac an that program you tweaked and use i was wondering if you could show me your program you mention ive had my Etrac about 3 months now an Love this Machine almost got the Equinox but glad i didnt cause this is way more loaded...been finding deep stuff as well an noticed like you said its not so good on small gold learned that hard way at the beach with my dubbies lolwalked right over a little toe ring buddy behind me aways picked it right up with his AT max and his Huge NeL coil lol so just figured id ask thanks for any help an good luck out there!!

Re: Etrac vs. Safari...which is better?
Posted by: IDXMonster
Date: October 29, 2018 07:40PM
It’s interesring that this thread had nearly 15,000 views and now 19 responses....must be a lot of people wondering! I don’t know anyone personally with a Safari but a hunting buddy uses an eTrac which he repeatedly hits 100+ silver coins a year with,and this is hunting ground that is devoid of targets to a lot of hunters..... apparently! The key to that whole thing is this-he hunts ALOT and knows the machine inside and out. It took him quite some time to be that proficient,but that’s what it takes. There will be some things that he won’t be able to get a signal on for whatever reason that another machine might do better with,but overall on silver coins at all depths....very hard to beat,as long as the time is put in.
I have also heard the Safari works very well,but just doesn’t have the features of the eTrac,supposedly the raw power is very similar. I wouldn’t be scared to run either one looking for deep copper and silver.

Re: Etrac vs. Safari...which is better?
Posted by: Kraemer
Date: October 31, 2018 08:41PM
If you get the ETrac you’ll never look back thinking that you might have made the wrong decision. ETrac features and abilities to customize set it apart from most other detectors. Would never trade it for anything reguardless of cost. It really is that good.

Re: Etrac vs. Safari...which is better?
Posted by: E-Trac-Ohio
Date: November 01, 2018 06:45AM
Hi Keith, Your question has been asked by many people ( including myself ) over the years.
Both are great machines and it also depends on how much money you are willing to spend.

I bought a new Safari 9 years ago - I found three Large Cents with it near an old cellar hole, in one day, the first week I owned it.
Even though I made some great finds with the Safari, I always had the thought in the back of my mind - " Am I missing anything that the E-Trac would have found " ?

So I sold my Safari after owning it for only a month and got an E-Trac.
I liked the idea of having more setting options if needed but what also really important to me was having a lighted display for night hunting - I love night hunting !

Looking back ... I should have just bought the E-Trac to begin with !

Good Luck !

XP Deus * 9" LF Coil * Deteknix Headphones
Minelab E-Trac * 5" - 4.5" x 7" - Stealth X-8 Coils * Killer B + Gray Ghost Headphones

1724 - K.G. Half Penny * 1736 - K.G. Half Penny * 1783 - Half Real
1817 - Large Cent * 1829 - Capped Bust Dime * 1837 - Capped Bust Half Dime * 1852 - Three Cent * 1857 - Flying Eagle Cent * 1865 - Two Cent * 1877 - Seated Quarter

Re: Etrac vs. Safari...which is better?
Posted by: sd51
Date: November 01, 2018 05:57PM
Also, you can download the E-TRAC Emulator for free from It enables you to learn how to set-up the E-TRAC and how it responds to various targets!

Re: Etrac vs. Safari...which is better?
Posted by: Trashfinder
Date: November 03, 2018 07:23PM
Used Etracs sell for 600 to 850 ish, used safari still around 550. So if you are buying used i would say Etrac all the way. Safari is very underrated i have ctx , etrac, explorer 2 and safari. Safari does as good as etrac in reality, but most rely and depend on the Visual ID of the Etrac which is unbeatable, the Safari will give a sweet tone but ID not as good as Etrac. Those are the main differences , etrac more features to tweak and awesome ID. But i have checked masked targets with both and the Safari would give the nice tone but ID skewed. But with used prices i would go Etrac all the way.

Re: Etrac vs. Safari...which is better?
Posted by: hershey1
Date: February 01, 2019 03:39PM
Like E Ohio I have owned both and both being great machines the E-Trac is the best choice in my opinion. You can just program and do more with the E-Trac. HH :minelab::detecting:

Re: Etrac vs. Safari...which is better?
Posted by: Trashfinder
Date: February 02, 2019 03:04PM
I have both machines and it depends on money, and i am basing this on used prices. About 200 to 250 dollars more for a used Etrac. Safari is a FBS machine that it's main thing is tone. No FE CO numbers but a single number. Example ,,, i found a target with Safari that had that sweeeeeet tone but the ID dropped to 29, slightly skewed lower due to iron nearby. But the tone was no mistaking it. Pulled out the Etrac and tone was sweet as well , ID was 22,47 which was a bit lower on the FE number , ideally it should have been around 12,13 but due to iron it was slightly skewed. Both machines are very capable but if a couple hundred bucks isn't too much i would get the Etrac hands down just for the added features, plus you will not ever wonder if you should have got the Etrac.

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