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Barber dime buffalo war nickel
Posted by: diggervance
Date: November 05, 2017 01:02PM
Hello Guys,

Hunts have been limited here due to rain,work and grad kid's.

Here is the last few hunts. The one key dates back it is made by the independent key co. out of Mass. The button seems interesting as well ,not sure if it's a uniform button or a common blazer button.
The barber dime is 1912
War nickel is a 43 p
the buffalo is a 37
54 and 59 on the other 2
wheat's 20,30,40,50.

Thanks for looking and HH


2017 totals

33- silver

2- V nickel

13- buffalo nickels

4- silver jewelry

5- I.H.

Favorit Finds

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Re: Barber dime buffalo war nickel
Posted by: sd51
Date: November 05, 2017 05:09PM
Great bunch of finds diggervance, Congrats! Looks like a very successful year!

Re: Barber dime buffalo war nickel
Posted by: floodplaindetector
Date: November 05, 2017 05:28PM
Cool button DV! I like it. Barber dimes are not that easy to pull so it is nice when they come out of the hole.

Re: Barber dime buffalo war nickel
Posted by: diggervance
Date: November 05, 2017 06:12PM
Thanks for the comments guys!
The barber dime was found at a park that sits behind a East Lansing fire house and has been hunted to death. As a matter of fact 3 guys I know hunted it together last year and between the 3 of them only turned 1 wheat penny. Just goes to show nothing is hunted out,

Re: Barber dime buffalo war nickel
Posted by: E-Trac-Ohio
Date: November 06, 2017 05:55AM
Nice haul - congrats !

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Re: Barber dime buffalo war nickel
Posted by: cz70pro
Date: November 06, 2017 11:04AM
Congrats on the Barber DV! I have found that very same button in the past and believe it is a civilian blazer or coat button. Keep it up DV, you are doing great this year.

Nice finds, Rick!
Posted by: Tony N (Michigan)
Date: November 06, 2017 12:31PM
I'm sure that old button has a tale to tell!

Barber dime buffalo war nickel
Posted by: Rich (Utah)
Date: November 07, 2017 11:16PM
Very nice bunch of finds there DV. Looks like a good spot.

Rich -

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enjoying the vistas and horizons of the Old West.

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