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Sensitivity issue,,,
Posted by: Mike from MI "Iron Brigade"
Date: February 26, 2018 02:56PM
Ok guys can anyone tell me what could cause the Etrac sens in auto to always be low (in the teens)? I used to hunt many sites while running in auto it would run in the high 20;s but I can't seem to get it above about 18 anymore. Unless I switch to manual. It's not power lines. This issue is only while running in auto. I'm thinking something goofed up in my settings or an internal computer issue???

Re: Sensitivity issue,,,
Posted by: cz70pro
Date: February 26, 2018 05:02PM
Most likely it is due to the mineralization in the soil. It is pretty rare when I can get Auto to get out of the teens in my soils. I pretty much always hunt as high as I can in Manual mode. You get much better depth hunting in Manual anyway.

One other thing I have run into is being close to a place that has a strong WIFI setup. I have a park that is right next to an apartment complex and their WIFI gives my machine hell when I hunt there.

Re: Sensitivity issue,,,
Posted by: Mike from MI "Iron Brigade"
Date: February 26, 2018 08:37PM
We have very low minerals here and I'm hunting several different places. Including places I have always gotten better sens. numbers. Wifi isn't an issue at these places. I'll start messing with manual more. I don't like how it messes with my sounds and gives me great numbers on trash targets.

Re: Sensitivity issue,,,
Posted by: IDXMonster
Date: February 26, 2018 08:58PM
Mike..if you used to hunt these same places in the 20’s and now it’s running in no higher than the teens with NO changes in coil or other settings...try a factory reset. I have had my Explorer2 act funny and erratic with little stability and a reset cured it. I’m not saying that this is your issue,just another way to try and solve your problem.

Are they trashy sites???
Posted by: Chris(SoCenWI)
Date: February 26, 2018 09:26PM
In the pre Etrac days the actual sensitivity the machine was using in manual wasn't displayed, leading to much speculation of what was going on.

Many of us felt that in trashy environments the machine would dial back the sensitivity in auto, sometimes greatly. I'm not sure the detector has any way to distinguish between EMI signals and signals in the ground.

If you run in manual with an open screen are you hearing zillions of targets?

Some yes and no….
Posted by: Mike from MI "Iron Brigade"
Date: February 27, 2018 08:15AM
Some are yards with not much trash, some are fairgrounds, parks, and field sites. Most I have hunted for years except an occasional yard.

Re: Some yes and no….
Posted by: Seatedhalf
Date: February 27, 2018 08:52AM
Have you cleaned out coil cover? My cover can get loaded up and act funny at times

Yep, that could be it.
Posted by: Chris(SoCenWI)
Date: February 28, 2018 10:01PM
I ditched all my coil covers long ago because of that.

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