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E-Trac and nickels
Posted by: Pastor bob
Date: April 18, 2018 04:23PM
Best machine I have ever owned on nickels. Way better than my Explorer SE Pro. Basically I dig anything 12-14 on conductive that sounds round and not chopped. Already have 10 Buffalos on the year and plenty of older Jeff's. Still looking for that first Shield nickel.

Re: E-Trac and nickels
Posted by: Dale(Ia)
Date: April 18, 2018 08:22PM
WTG on the's a hard to beat machine! Just wish it was lighter.............I've dug quite a few Shield's with mine.........

Iowa Dale

Re: E-Trac and nickels
Posted by: IDXMonster
Date: April 19, 2018 09:29PM

Dale...You have the harness?

Re: E-Trac and nickels
Posted by: Ohio Coinhunter
Date: April 19, 2018 10:27PM
Hi Pastor bob,

Question: conductive 12,13,14 no matter what ferrous # or ferrous 12 and conductive 14?
I just got an E Trac and I'm trying to see where all types of nickels hit. With the SE nickels hit anywhere from ferrous 9 and 10 and conductive 05, 06. So did tabs. I want to hone in on nickels and gold in the ID range. I ignored the ferrous numbers on the SE and dug the good conductive #'s like 05,06,28,29 etc plus the audio, with audio over the meter.


Re: E-Trac and nickels
Posted by: Silver Bullet
Date: April 20, 2018 08:24AM
I have found where I am located the shallower nickels hit at a 13 on the conductive side (non war nickels). As the depth increases, I may see some 12's and 14's, but I still see mostly 13's on the conductive side. I have hit two shield nickels in the past year.

Last night I went out with my 8x6 NEL coil and dug a dozen or so 14's that were in the 4 inch depth range. Every time, I pulled out a tab of some sort. I am in areas that have a higher amount of trash. If I am in a private yard, or location with less trash, I would dig the 14's as it would be more time effective. If I dig every 12 or 14 that is shallow in the local parks, I wouldn't cover near enough ground to make it worth the time.

Does anyone else have this experience?

Silver Bullet

Re: E-Trac and nickels
Posted by: sprchng
Date: April 20, 2018 09:27AM
Don't let the Fe number scare you away from digging. If the nickel is located near some form of iron the Fe number could be really out of whack but the nickel tone will tell you it's there. I have found nickels with Fe as high as 23. That 11 -14 Co tone is the key , you will dig a few bottle caps by chasing targets that aren't solid but solid ones can certainly be nickels.

Re: E-Trac and nickels
Posted by: Pastor bob
Date: April 20, 2018 10:26AM
I don't care where the Fe # is as long as it is repeatable. I know war nickels may go up to 15-16 conductive and I need to concentrate on those now but am still learning machine. I look for conductive 12, 13 and 14 mostly. I also look at the depth as nickels will not likely be as stable as silver at depth.

Re: E-Trac and nickels
Posted by: Sooper Dave
Date: April 22, 2018 09:14AM
Nice work on the old nickels! I love digging them too just wished they held up better. One thing to consider is that the Shield nickels are slightly smaller than the V’s & Buffalos. 20.50mm vs 21.21mm. So if you’re going by numbers they might come in lower. I’ve dug them at 12-09 12-10 but still have that solid nickel sound on the Etrac. Good luck and keep it up!

Re: E-Trac and nickels
Posted by: Pastor bob
Date: April 23, 2018 04:41PM
Good to know thanks Dave.

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