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Anyone using the nel storm coil?
Posted by: LabradorBob
Date: June 24, 2018 06:25AM
Looking for depth,sensitivity to small targets.


Remember to keep those coil covers clean!
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Re: Anyone using the nel storm coil?
Posted by: coin-star
Date: June 29, 2018 08:04AM
I am a new E-Trac I have been looking at historical posts in this forum to gain helpful tidbits. Looks like there are some positive things said about the NEL coils. I'd recommend doing a search.

If the forum search is going slowly, you can also search in google by searching "findmall: nel coil e-trac"


Re: Anyone using the nel storm coil?....The Thunder....yep.
Posted by: metalpopper
Date: July 27, 2018 06:55PM
Looking for depth,sensitivity to small targets.


Hi Bob!

Your stock E-Trac coil will take some beating for 'small' targets at depth.

Alas, 'small' and 'depth' are generalised terms.

More specifically, for the stock '11" coil;
For circular disc shaped items, their max depth is roughly = diameter of target (in inches) multiplied by 8.

That is with your manual sensitivity at 22.

Ground variation and target conductivity add their degree of +/- to max depth.

Obviously, (depending on EMI and ground FE, more gain may get you an extra inch, or so.

Remember the old adage, "Bigger coils may lose sensitivity to the smaller target" (1/2 inch diam. or less) a larger coil may not improve your small-target depth of finding.

The NEL Thunder for the E-Trac can add and inch or two of depth for the average to larger sized coins;
but much less for the smaller coins.... if any at all!

The Thunder's strong-point, is its longitudinal-capture capability AT It's WORKING DEPTHS !!!!!!

I am a great fan of the 'smaller coil for smaller targets', in difficult situations.....that's my experience.

It will be interesting to read of other folk's thoughts on the subject..........Matt

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