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Etracwarranty and repairs
Posted by: dfg4240
Date: October 20, 2018 05:20PM
Just wondering back and forth about a used Etrac or Nox 800.
How reliable are the Etrac's and are they expensive to repair.
I like what I see about the 800 but I still think the Etrac is the king .
I want one or the other.
Thanks for any reply

Re: Etracwarranty and repairs
Posted by: Nuke em
Date: October 20, 2018 05:40PM
The ET is reliable . It is repairable during and after warranty . If you have a Nox , after the warranty runs out it might mean buying another . I dont think they fix the innards on those .

I wont be selling my ET for a long time , the Nox was never meant as a replacement for the ET .

Uses = Minelab E.Trac , Minelab Equinox 800 , Minelab X.Terra 705 , Garrett Carrot , Minelab 35 , Gray Ghost/ Nugget Busters

Re: Etracwarranty and repairs
Posted by: dfg4240
Date: October 20, 2018 06:08PM
Thanks-there are quite a few Etrac's for sale if you look hard enough and prices all over the place.
I always wanted one but never bought one. Most of the time I am a buy and try person.
Just don't know what I want and I am sure there are a lot like me out there.
When you are in the lower end detectors you can buy and try for years but the upper end leaves only a few choices.
I have seen some videos about the Etrac that make me want to rush out and buy one right away.
Same with the Equinox. My only drawback is the weight of the Etrac.
I'm 78 but can still pick up a horse but only a small one not a big one like in my youth.
I had the Safari and a couple of the Xterra detectors and the weight never bothered me at all.
Anyway thanks for the info

Re: Etracwarranty and repairs
Posted by: D&P-OR
Date: October 20, 2018 08:06PM
Dfg-----If you can pick up a small horse you will be fine with the Etrac!:biggrin:------I'll be 80 (in Feb.) and I own & use a Etrac all the time.----It's my favorite detector of MANY I've owned & one I'll never get rid of.-----I own the E800 also & feel those two detectors "compliment" each other very well.--------Del

Re: Etracwarranty and repairs
Posted by: moseng
Date: October 22, 2018 11:24AM
If you can get an E-Trac with an X1 probe, you will be a fortunate soul. The 800 would be a good choice if you want something light and easy to use. Either way you will find good stuff assuming you find good places to detect.

Re: Etracwarranty and repairs
Posted by: 5900_XL-1
Date: October 22, 2018 12:08PM
Personally, I never found the Etrac heavy. I can imagine it could be with an X-1 hanging off it. I could see buying a package deal with an X-1 though. Those things are easy to sell for 250-300. It could really get the Etrac cost less, fast. Just a personal observation.

Re: Etracwarranty and repairs
Posted by: Kraemer
Date: October 26, 2018 04:27PM
I just recently purchased the ETrac and have found the weight not to be a issue at all. I’m 63 and find that swinging the ET for hours is no problem. Excitement with the finds and reliability tends to make it easier as well!. Very pleased all around.

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