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ETRAC Beginner
Posted by: pc1181ac
Date: February 05, 2019 05:58PM
I just bought a used ETRAC detector. I downloaded an owner's manual but I am not having much luck understanding why the numerical display is so slow to change it's display when I move from one signal to another. Am I supposed to cancel the last signal readout somehow? Also, when I switch to pinpoint mode and back to my previous mode, the display takes a long time to give me the signal I had before I went into pinpoint. I would welcome any tips on what I am doing wrong.

I was a Whites detector user for 35 years and I relied heavily on the numerical display to tell me what kind of coin I was detecting. It is frustrating trying to do the same with the ETRAC.

Re: ETRAC Beginner
Posted by: Trashfinder
Date: February 05, 2019 06:04PM
I could try to tell you , but it would be easier if you just went on YouTube and search for videos of the etrac in operation. You can learn a lot from watching.

Re: ETRAC Beginner
Posted by: IDXMonster
Date: February 05, 2019 08:05PM
You’re right T-Finder...a picture is worth a thousand words...a video is worth many more than that! A properly done instructional video...priceless!

OP....You’ve heard it before and I’ll tell you again...this is NO Whites. I also started with an IDXPro from Whites and as soon as I transitioned to Minelab,my silver coin count went through the roof. In regard to your question,”Why does it take so long for the screen numbers to change”’s something you must get used to and understand HOW to isolate targets with the “Minelab wiggle”. “Wiggling” the coil over a target at just the right speed let’s the machine analyze the good target because at just the right speed,it’s picking up JUST that target and doesn’t have time to latch onto others. With experience in the field,you will come to see how this is done. If you’re going to run it like a Whites,it’s over before it began. FBS tech is like nothing else has ever been and likely will ever’s very unique. The trick is to LISTEN for that good repeatable high tone(copper and silver) and then “wiggling” the coil over the spot at slightly varying rates of speed to isolate it. Be patient with this machine,it will re-pay you with some great hunting.
A couple of ways to make it a bit more “speedy” from target to target is to run with FAST on,DEEP off and to get a smaller coil for it. Using the stock coil or bigger for a beginner in an area with a lot of targets CAN be a bit confusing. Also running high amounts of discrimination can help to “get rid” of some targets to ease the learning curve. I would start out in an area with very FEW targets to learn how to make the signal repeat cleanly,and the technique used to do it.
Good luck! Give it TIME. This is the number one thing that people don’t want to do,and they pay for it by running a lesser machine in the end.

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