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Re: Thoughts on Andy Sabisch Class for Etrac
Posted by: coin-star
Date: March 02, 2019 07:56PM
For me it’s not about the technical aspects, it’s about the nuances and the shortcuts. What I’d like is for Andy to show me the tricks that he has learned and to save me moths or years of trial and error to finally have that “AHA” moment. That my hope, at least.

I can watch YouTube and pick up settings and patterns, but I have yet to hear someone accurately tell me what the “Silver Warble” is in a way that makes me recognife it. I think I understand what a nice round “sound” is, but again it’s not something I have seen accurately discerned in any videos. I think I can size an object ok, but maybe I am wrong or maybe there is a better method.

If I can learn nuances and get the benefit of someone else’s experience, it will be WELL worth $125.


Re: Thoughts on Andy Sabisch Class for Etrac
Posted by: Bob38
Date: March 06, 2019 07:17PM
You will not regret the 6X8 Detect coil. Its a killer. Mine seldom comes off the ETAC

Re: Thoughts on Andy Sabisch Class for Etrac
Posted by: sd51
Date: March 25, 2019 04:51AM
1hotwire, I agree that when I've hunted older homesites, they are loaded with iron. It dawned on me that the owners usually had a dump site somewhere behind the back yard and unfortunately it seems like sometimes they must have just walked outside and thrown the trash in the back yard. Recently, five of us did a homesite from the id-1800s. Three guys worked the back and I did the front yard with another guy.

The guys in the back found zero coins! I found Wheaties and two mercs in the front. The other guy in the front found a buffalo nickel. From now on, I will start in the front yard.

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