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Zero Tones (old link)
Posted by: Rob (IL)
Date: November 15, 2014 09:29PM
WHY Zero Tones
The main reason I don’t reject VDI is “The way the code is written the detector can react faster by having it accept all targets and setting a 0 tone to the ones you don't want to hear, rather than rejecting targets. “(From Anne)
There can be a little difference.
1) For an example, say you have VDIs -5 to +17 discriminated out or rejected and +18 on up accepted. Then you have a target that starts ringing in at +19 (in the accepted range) but as the signal gets stronger, it shifts to +15 (rejected). You can potentially hear the 19 and then the tone for +15 for a short time before the audio decays to silent. So, in this case, you hear a little bit of the rejected VDI due to the decay function of discrimination.

2) Now rather than having -5 to +17 discriminated out, you have them accepted, and you set the audio for those VDIs to 0. For the same target, what you will hear is the +19 tone (for a very short time as above) but when it shifts to +15, it will immediately be silent. There is no audio decay in this case.

Some people like to do both. If you accept the range, but have the audio set to zero, you will still see VDI's on the screen. If you reject the range instead, you won't hear anything different - audio will still immediately go quiet on the rejected range, but the VDI's won't display.

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