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Filters and speed (old link)
Posted by: Rob (IL)
Date: November 15, 2014 10:05PM
About filter and speed
Adjusting the filters and recovery delay will influence how the detector identifies a target or if a target is even present, the ground filters and the SAT are used to cancel out the effects of ground. The recovery delay is used to tell the detector when to start looking for the next target, the longer the delay the deeper the target that can be found but the smaller the delay the more targets that can be found in a small area

Ground Filters
The ground filters are adjustable between 5 Hz and 12.5 Hz typically the lower filter should be selected for slower sweep speeds. There are also adjustments between band pass and high pass filters. For areas that have high electrical noise interference a band pass filter may be the optimal filter to use as it will reject both the ground effects and the higher frequency electrical noise. If there is very little electrical noise present the high pass filter may be desirable to get a little deeper due to less signal being discarded.

Sat filter
The sat filter is the self adjusting threshold used only in all metal or mixed mode audio modes. When in highly mineralized ground, the signal can fluctuate significantly and this filter will help in removing these effects. The lower the setting the longer it takes to get back to the threshold. This means that a target will generate a longer sound and because of this the target close by may be missed. The ground effects won't be canceled as well. The higher the setting the shorter the target audio, so if it is set too high, targets may also be missed. The Sat can be disabled which will cause the audio to be identical to the pinpoint audio.

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