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from DFX to V3i
Posted by: Guitarman61
Date: March 15, 2016 01:22PM
Hello all,
I have been a dfx user for ten years and am considering the v3i. Would like to hear from those of you who have been die hard dfxers that have switched over to the v3i. I am not concerned about the learning curve, I am more interested in the differences in depth between the two machines, and in the target identification. I have had great success with the dfx and do not like change. Please give me the pros and cons. Much obliged.

Re: from DFX to V3iN/T
Posted by: nalc472
Date: March 15, 2016 08:35PM

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Re: from DFX to V3i
Posted by: Willie3960
Date: April 13, 2016 02:53PM
I also went from a DFX to a v3 I used the DFX for 7 years their to much to list . the v3 I is so much better it's everything you would want . it has everything I wanted on the DFX the only con is if you like to tinker with settings it's definitely a long learning curve. Work's great right out of the box with factory settings. Good luck.

Re: from DFX to V3i
Posted by: SC Dirt Fisher
Date: April 16, 2016 12:32PM
That goes for me also. One of the better features for me is that I can turn off Salt Subtraction with the V3i. The DFX always ran with SS on, which has a slightly negative affect on depth.

Re: from DFX to V3i
Posted by: Percy
Date: May 05, 2016 01:52PM
I tried the V3i but went back to the DFX. I love the DFX tone ID but didn't care for the V3i tones. The first thing that you listen to is the
tones and the V3i tones always seem distorted. Loved the screen and many other features. Also the weight of the V3i is even more than the DFX.
I've lightened up my DFX by using the M6 straight middle shaft and using the 9 inch spider coil along with the RNB battery.

Re: from DFX to V3i
Posted by: SC Dirt Fisher
Date: May 06, 2016 06:32PM
The V3i has better depth, at least by the air testing I've done the factory beach mode has at least 2 inches more (vs. the DFX). Never can tell how this will translate to actual depth on the beach however. I'm going to find out this coming week for sure. I hope it will make me continue lo be loyal to Whites. I've had some disappointments lately from their intermediate machines. I purchased for my wife who need a light, quite detector with fairly good depth that is also fairly stable on the dry beach. I loved my DFX until I saw how much depth was being lost by th Salt Subtraction algorithm. The Treasure Master Pro does well also in the Beach Mode, (again, air so I hope this will turn out to finally be the one for the wife.
GL & HH.

Re: from DFX to V3i
Posted by: msareborn
Date: June 27, 2016 05:51PM
I use both detectors, the DFX and the V3i. V3i has become the goto machine and the DFX has usually another size coil on it, like the 4x6 shooter or super 12. Although the V3i is heavier. I use the polar plot on the V3i to distinguish bottle caps, they are always giving me a flat pattern. saves some digging. But I could also differentiate bottle caps usually with the DFX by the chatterey tone it gave me. The polar plot gives you a nice 3 pointed clock, (three frequncies), when you get a coin. I have noticed I seem to get a lot of jewelry with the DFX, I may be over discriminating with the V3i. I like the choice to tweek the V3i more. I always turn on tone ID and VCO with the DFX. Happy with both, go get you some! Mark

Re: from DFX to V3i
Posted by: NMchaser
Date: June 28, 2016 11:33PM
I also use a DFX and the V3i. The DFX is only used with a Bigfoot coil. I like the V3i so much that last year I acquired a second V3i from the classifieds here at Findmall. Putting common adjustments on the screen's tool bar for fast access is great. Ability to adjust tones for one's desires is great, like making nickel tones high enough to get your attention, instead of a grunt from the DFX. Many more advantages for the V3i. The learning curve is long but not any tougher than like when you started with the DFX.

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