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Ultimate 13" coil - my findings
Posted by: Ytcoinshooter
Date: May 16, 2016 08:35AM
Hello everyone, I was on here sometime back regarding the 13" Ultimate coil. Even though I have a good 12"x10" SEF I decided to take the ultimate plunge. I'm happy to report that it is everything it is promoted to be. Receiving it the last week in March I'm hunting primarily in areas of low or no EMI / RFI. Stable at high gains, well balanced and sensitive to tiny targets and small thin 1/2 reals it's a great choice for turned farm fields. May 10 turned up a 1776 1/2 real and a smooth and holed 1R. Friday 5/13 was a lucky day going over the same area I quickly pulled a 1753 1/2 real. The finds of course are nice but what impresses me is I can swing this coil for longer periods. Testing in my yard when I first received it showed a consistent report audibly and visually on my 10" quarter. There was no guessing if I was over something I'd dig.
Out in the fields I'm patterning off and utilizing the extra coverage from different directions on the same plot. Not something I have done consistently but I need the discipline if I want to increase my rate of return for the time and effort. These are pretty worn and fertilized but in no way does that diminish the fun & satisfaction.

Flipped over:
That's 15 silver coins on the year so far. It has been a long time since I posted up on a regular basis though I'm detecting quite a bit.
On another subject, I'm quite amazed at the proliferation of people metal detecting. I understand what has happened with the tv shows having a big impact. Funny what was considered quirky or almost nerdly 30 years ago when I began detecting is now considered cool. But I knew that all along :cool:. I just hope people respect the ethics and don't cause more places to be banned. I'm often seeing "no metal detecting or artifact gathering" on land trust holdings in my area.
HH - Bruce

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Re: Ultimate 13" coil - my findings
Posted by: Texan
Date: May 17, 2016 10:49AM
Great finds. I have thought about purchasing the ultimate 13 but I hunt primarily old homes that are mostly trashy. I think the 9 concentric might be a better choice for me

Re: Ultimate 13" coil - my findings
Posted by: MANDAD76
Date: May 17, 2016 03:59PM
Good report and very nice and hh!

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Re: Ultimate 13" coil - my findings
Posted by: Trashfinder
Date: May 29, 2016 01:21PM
I am getting great depth with the whites 6x10 eclipse coil, dug a wheatie at 9 inches yesterday.

Re: Ultimate 13" coil - my findings
Posted by: kozman4907
Date: June 18, 2016 02:23PM
great report, I have been thinking about this coil.

Re: Ultimate 13" coil - my findings
Posted by: below2doe
Date: June 19, 2016 06:06AM
Sent you a p.m Yt coinshooter.

Regards Below2doe.

Re: Ultimate 13" coil - my findings
Posted by: LS hunter
Date: July 04, 2016 11:35PM
SEF 12X10..Hows the weight and it works fine on your v3i? And do you think the 12x10 and the ultimate 13 would be sensitive to Small Targets...

Re: Ultimate 13" coil - my findings
Posted by: ArizFlash
Date: July 05, 2016 02:46PM
I've used both on my V3i 13' Ultimate and MXT 10 x12 SEF. Both were as sensitive to small targets as the 10" D2.

I preferred the 10 x 12 on my MXT.

Re: Ultimate 13" coil - my findings
Posted by: Mutley
Date: July 28, 2016 02:23AM
The U13 is my go to coil now, great coverage, seperates, pointpoints well and its well balanced, passes the V Test with ease as well.

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