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NW Ark old site search, haven't used V3i in years
Posted by: Everetteb
Date: July 13, 2016 09:55PM
Hi, first post here and I was wanting to ask some advice since I haven't fired up the MD in a few years. I am planning to venture out to Ark in a few months and search for an old crumbled log cabin outline I stumbled across while deer hunting in the woods while in HS in the late 70's. I believe I've located it via google satellite view and now I need some advice to get back into the swing of things. The batteries haven't been charged in a while, and I've read some issues about the DD coils and was wondering if mine is one affected since it was bought around 2011 time frame. Do I, or more should I, reset the detector back to defaults (and need to look how to do it now too) since I don't remember what was set during the last time I played with it on the beach and nearby park. The hunt would likely be deep since the cabin was probably from the late 1800's and the trees have laid many carpets over those numerous years. Since its in the hills, and any finds may be deep, I've been searching for a program setting that someone has set and willing to share that worked well for them in hilly and rocky (sandstone like) setting. The larger DD coil, if its okay, or if I can find a decent priced, used Bigfoot, I would like to use for the search. Hunters will be an issue too since I'm looking at the November time frame. Any words of wisdom? Suggestions? Anyone had a similar search they can relate to and share? Thanks.


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