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VDI Readings.
Posted by: below2doe
Date: October 04, 2016 04:26PM
Hi Guys,

Here in OZ (Aussie Land) the vdi of our coins are 14 for our 5 cent, 19 for our 10 cent, 38 for our 20 cent, 47 for our 50 cent, 54 for our $2 and 56 to 60 for our $1. How many coins in u,s currency fall into these vdis.

Regards Below2doe.

Re: VDI Readings.
Posted by: detect4coins
Date: October 04, 2016 05:50PM
Our 5 Cent piece comes in around 19 and our zinc cents come in toward the mid 50's. Everything else is usually higher. At least in our modern coinage. Indian head cents will also ring in at the 50's. And our 3 cent pieces can read in the teens. Thin silver dimes can read in the lower 60's sometimes. If a target is really deep, all bets are off. It can read anywhere depending on the soil and usually will bounce a bit.

Re: VDI Readings...from 'up-side-down' land ...
Posted by: metalpopper
Date: October 18, 2016 03:06PM
Hi there, Below2dow...down-under.

Any move towards 'iron-clad' coinage in Aus?

We will all be reverting to 'cabbages ' for coinage soon if this decline in 'value for money' system continues.

That aside; what's a cobber doing with a V3 in Minelab territories?.....I'm interested in your opinion....not knocking my respected Whites V3 and V3i....Matt

Re: VDI Readings.
Posted by: below2doe
Date: October 20, 2016 05:31AM
Hj Metalpopper,

Well we have more iron ore in OZ that will be around for many, many, years to come, I am glad that our coinage is not made of iron. it is so much easier with our coins made of nickle, copper, aluminium.
Well it was Minelab territory but not now as they are made off shore. Over the years they have made some great detectors and i have used many of them over time. The e-trac was the last one i have used but it did not have the capabilities of the v3i. as the v has more combinations to develop a much tighter program to make it easier to identify a given target.
The v3i has some amazing settings once you learn how to put them together. It has more moves than a chessboard.

I have had the v3 since 2009 and had it updated to a v3i and it will be in my hands until some more advanced technology hits the market place in the future.

Regards Below2doe.

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