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The 2 scary things that I found.
Posted by: Lizard_Prince
Date: November 10, 2016 09:06PM
Hi Folks!
I am not sure how much time has transpired but I didn't have my V3i. I was using my DFX with regularity and on both occations I never though I would find 2 scary things at local beaches. My first shock came when I went to Isla Verde the beach called Hobby I got a strong reading but as I parted the sand out popped a rectangular something with a bunch of aluminum foil. On tearing the foil I saw a rectangular wood box with a piece of masking tape holding it shut, on opening the lid shock got the best of me. By all saints and God's angel what was I seeing...... It was a rag black vodoo doll with pins stuck to it and a folded note under it. I took it to the lady that rents beach chairs and said "Oh my GOD!" Quick pray the our Fathers prayer and throw it away! I took my left hand and placed it lightly on the rim of the wood box and prayed wiut Iutth all devotion the prayer she suggested and then I slammed the darn thing in the closest beach trash can and fled the area. I never knew what the folded note paper said and was not going to tamper with the contents.
A few months had transpired from that first insident I was on the little beach of el Condado where the bridge "Los Dos Hermanos" the two brothers conects I was scanning for some half an hour or so. All of a sudden on the edge of the sand where the bridge meets the beach I got a loud blast I though it might be another aluminum can at the depth of about a foot I saw in the bottom of the hold something black. I said to myself this is not an aluminum can. On this i pulled with the tip of my long handle scoop and to my great shock out popped a almost like new a BB pelet gun. I gingerly picked it up with my hanky and popped it into my carry bag. I had to cancel the rest of my hunt I was much too nervous and could not consentrait. I manage after a while on getting back home that it did not have pellets inside if this were a gun with big bullets I would have called the cops but after a while and various days I manage to neutralize the BB gun at least now it won't be used for delictive or bad use.
This I hope will be my last scary treasure. Has any of you found something scary with your machine? What would you have done with what I found if it were you that found these items? Ralph "LP"

Re: The 2 scary things that I found.
Posted by: shelton7522
Date: November 11, 2016 05:30AM
Nice story mate...

Re: The 2 scary things that I found.
Posted by: cypearl
Date: April 15, 2017 05:25PM
Once while I was digging a target I have hit with my diging tool trough a deodorant spray which has been dumped in a field I was working and unearthed with a high pressure and dust to my face. I was scared that day of the fear I found a some kind of explosive!

Re: The 2 scary things that I found.
Posted by: grumpyjohn
Date: April 16, 2017 06:15AM
Here in the UK there is still a lot of unexploded munitions from ww2 buried. My scariest moment was finding a live bomb on a beach which after reporting watched the bomb disposal team blow up. It left a crater 10 feet in diameter and 3 feet deep.

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