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VX3 How to change menu-languages and switching to metric-units
Posted by:
Date: December 28, 2016 06:14AM
Hello fellow searchers

more or less by accident I found a way to do what White's always told us to be impossible. On the official Whites forum there is a topic from deoulslyfox about the master reset for the V3i and the VX3. If you follow his instructions (turn on, press and hold menu and then press on/off you find yourself in the master reset menu.

Take care to select the reset menu!

!!! Selecting calibration instead will end up with your detector traveling to the whites factory to be re-calibrated !!!

1. Select all folders (that's how it worked for me) - NOTE: This will erase all your stored programs and presets to the factory settings!

2. Select the language from the menu using the arrow keys (left/right). In line with the V3i you can select English, German, French, Turkish, Spanish or Russian language.

3. X in the Metric-Units checkbox will make your VX3 display depths in centimeters.

4. Apply changes in the usual way.

5. Switch the unit off and on again... DONE!

Those changes are repeatable and will not affect your hardware or the manufacturers warranty.

AGAIN: As long as you don't select the calibration menu there is nothing to fear.

Greetings from Germany

Andy aka

Re: VX3 How to change menu-languages and switching to metric-units
Posted by: vito
Date: September 22, 2018 04:29AM
Hello Andy.

That is a helpful hint as this is nowhere mentioned in the manual.
I know for sure this thread is older but it was useful to me as I'm owner
of a VX3 a couple of days now.
So may be this helps some other detectorists in the world who's native language isn't english, too.

Your tip is really appreciated.

Good Luck & Happy Hunting

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