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V3I + 13" Detech & iron VDI's
Posted by: GoldChaser
Date: May 05, 2017 10:24AM
Hello everyone, I am a long-time MXT owner who has been in hibernation for a few years, and am now about to start up again and buy a V3i + the Detech 13" coil.
One of my biggest challenges has been in situations where a piece of iron is big enough (2"x3"x1/4" as an example) to show up as a high conductor with a high VDI. One thing I learned was if I had my 6x10 DD Eclipse coil on the MXT, if I was getting a very strong high conductor VDI and signal, if I could then back up and just put the tip of the coil on the object it would remove the high-conductor-due-to-large-object-size signal and the MXT would then read the object by its metallic component, which was iron in this case. This saved me a LOT of digging. So my question is - Can you do the same thing with the 13" coil on the V3i? With my 6x10 I wouldn't scan the object with a side-to-side motion of the tip of the coil, rather I would move the coil forward-and-back using only the tip of the coil to 'touch' (with the signal) the object. I presume this is because the coil signal profile was rather narrow front-to-back, leaving a narrow point at the front of the signal. Whereas a 13" DD may have a broader 'tip' of the signal making that scan more difficult. Has anyone experimented with this? Also curious about the same with the 10"DD.
Thanks so much!

Re: V3I + 13" Detech & iron VDI's
Posted by: Blind Squirrel
Date: May 05, 2017 04:45PM
GoldChaser, If I understand correctly, you don't yet have your V3i? If that's the case, when you get one, you will have no problem identifying good targets from the bad ones regardless of your coil selection. When you pinpoint, using 3 frequency, a high VDI # (in the 70's or above) that pinpoints with 22.5 kHz or 7.5 kHz dominant will be trash while, one that pinpoints with 2.5 kHz dominant should be dug. Of course you still may dig a large piece of copper or brass which can be recycled, so in my book that's still a good target. Best of luck and...

Happy Hunting!
Blind Squirrel

Re: V3I + 13" Detech & iron VDI's
Posted by: GoldChaser
Date: May 07, 2017 12:48PM
Thank you, Blind Squirrel!

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