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Re: Went out to my coin garden with my V3i
Posted by: MackDog
Date: December 28, 2017 06:42PM
Deeper, covers more area and is sensitive. The coil will hit some small trash items at 5-6". I ALWAYS RUN 3 FREQ . I OWN BOTH THE u13 AND 12X15 BOTH ARE GREAT COILS. DO you run mix mode stereo? Also I don't discriminate out VDI's but assign a zero tone to them. Go super slow and let the detector separate the targets. Center the good tone in the middle of the coil. Analyze from different angles. If you get a good signal from multiple directions dg it. If it's deep 7" or deeper dig it. When a target gets to the end range of the coil it will break up a little and become iffy. If you don't e3ver want to dig trash get a different hobby. The more deeper signals you dig you'll start to get a gut feeling on what you feel is worth it.

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